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Prince Harry Wrote An Essay About The Dangers Of Social Media

Prince Harry Wrote An Essay About The Dangers Of Social Media

By breaking off official relations with the Royal family, Prince Harry has been given the freedom to say what he thinks. And he believes as it turned out, about the dangers of social media. On August 6, Fast Company published an essay by the Duke of Sussex on its website with the title "Social networks divide us. Together, we can change this, "in which Harry encourages every Network user to "switch to a more compassionate digital world."

"Just over four weeks ago, my wife and I started calling business leaders, heads of major corporations, and marketing Directors of brands and organizations that we all use in our daily lives," Harry began his article. — Our message was very clear: the digital landscape is not healthy, and companies like yours have a chance to rethink their role in funding and supporting online platforms that create the conditions for a crisis of hate, a crisis of health, and a crisis of truth."

The Prince goes on to say that, despite the illusion that social networks unite and entertain us, they also carry a great danger — "our personal data and habits are exchanged for dollars." According to Harry, the price we all pay for entertainment is much higher than it seems: "We think we are buyers, but we are actually a commodity."

After conversations with experts, Harry and Meghan concluded that it is necessary to change the approach to the formation of online communities — according to Sussex, they should be defined by " compassion, not hatred; truth, not misinformation; justice and inclusiveness, not injustice and intimidation; free, not bellicose speech." Researchers believe that the negative impact of social networks is particularly susceptible to young people. And Harry, as a young father, is very concerned about this.

"Access to accurate information is more important now than at any time in modern history. And yet the very platforms where misinformation is spreading don't seem ready to take responsibility and look for solutions," the Prince is indignant. According to the Duke, now is the time for changes. Harry calls for action and ordinary users of the Network, and the Internet sites themselves, and companies that allocate advertising budgets for placement on the Internet: they, according to Harry, need to responsibly choose platforms. "We have the opportunity to improve and change the digital world, look at the past and use it for a conscious future," writes the grandson of Elizabeth II.

At the end of his essay, Harry concludes that the world needs digital reform: "and while the role of politicians and regulators is important, we can't just wait for them to take the next steps. That is a moment for companies around the world — companies whose business models and advertising models are directly linked to digital platforms-to think about how they can deliver these reforms. We can — and should-encourage these platforms to behave more responsibly and show more compassion." That will benefit everyone, and the world will become better — believes Harry.

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