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Errors In Qualcomm Chips Made Half Of All Android Smartphones Vulnerable

Errors In Qualcomm Chips Made Half Of All Android Smartphones Vulnerable

A series of dangerous vulnerabilities were discovered in chipsets manufactured by Qualcomm, which put almost every second Android smartphone at risk. We are talking about digital signal processors (DSP) used on the Snapdragon platform, which speeds up the processing of images, audio, and video signals, as well as is responsible for managing power consumption.

The presence of "holes" was reported by the cybersecurity firm Check Point. "This threat affects hundreds of millions of devices. You may be spied on. You may lose all your data. If such vulnerabilities are found and exploited by hackers, millions of users will be defenseless for a very long time," experts warned.

Vulnerable DSPS, the researchers added, "can be found in almost every Android smartphone on the planet, including flagships from Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus and others." According to Check Point specialists, hackers can extract photos, videos, call history, and other content from victims' devices, connect to a microphone and read GPS coordinates in real-time, as well as download malware that cannot be detected.

Qualcomm said it has already fixed six vulnerabilities in the Snapdragon DSP, BleepingComputer writes. They have no evidence that they were exploited by hackers. Representatives of the company recommended installing patches as soon as they become available, and called for downloading apps only from trusted sources, such as the official Google Play store.

Updating Android smartphones-both those already released and those in production-will take some time. Qualcomm has provided fixes, but they must be implemented and sent to consumers' devices by Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other companies.

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