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Poland Announced Plans To Sign An Agreement On Military Cooperation With The United States On August 15

Poland Announced Plans To Sign An Agreement On Military Cooperation With The United States On August 15

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will sign a new Polish-American agreement on military cooperation during his planned visit to Poland on August 15, according to the PAP by the head of the Cabinet of Polish President Andrzej Duda, Krzysztof Szczerski.

"Pompeo, as a representative of Donald Trump, will sign an agreement on military cooperation between Poland and the United States in Warsaw. Negotiations on this agreement have recently ended. It is the will of the presidents of Poland and the United States expressed in the Declaration signed by both leaders last year in Washington about increasing the presence of US army in Poland, including command of the 5th corps," - said Szczerski.

According to him, the agreement is currently being negotiated in the administrations of both countries, at the interagency level in the Polish government and between US agencies. According to Shchersky, if these internal procedures are completed on time, as expected, the agreement will be ready for signing on August 15. "On the Polish side, in the presence of the President at the Presidential Palace, it will be signed by national defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, and on the American side - by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo," Szczerski said.

In Warsaw, Pompeo will hold meetings with the Polish President, Prime Minister, foreign and defense Ministers, as well as attend events to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Warsaw on August 15, 1920.

According to the new Polish-American military agreement, at least one thousand additional American troops will be transferred to Poland, and an advanced element of the 5th corps command will be created from Kentucky. In the West of the country, it is planned to establish a combat training Center, place a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles in the city of Lask, and a US special forces unit in the town of Lublinets.

Poland and the United States have been discussing options to strengthen the American military presence on Polish territory since the fall of 2018 when the initiative to create a "Fort Trump" was first announced during a visit to Washington by Polish President Andrzej Duda. Currently, according to various sources, from 4.5 thousand to 5 thousand US military personnel are stationed in the Republic.

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