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China Is Counting On Reciprocal Steps Of The United States For The Implementation Of Commercial Transactions

China Is Counting On Reciprocal Steps Of The United States For The Implementation Of Commercial Transactions

China is counting on reciprocal steps and constructive measures by the United States authorities to fulfill mutual obligations under the first phase of the bilateral trade deal, according to Yang Jiechi, a member of the Politburo Of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), head of the office of the CPC Central Committee on Foreign Affairs, in an article published on Friday on the prospects for developing relations between Beijing and Washington.

"We hope to strengthen cooperation with the United States and that Washington will create favorable conditions for the implementation of agreements on the first phase of the trade deal," the Chinese Foreign Ministry website quotes him as saying.

Yang Jiechi stressed that the White House should stop putting pressure on Chinese companies and stop using one-sided measures that damage equal, fair, and mutually beneficial bilateral relations. "We should expand cooperation in the field of energy, law enforcement, and the fight against drug trafficking, strengthen ties at the level of regional administrations, and increase interpersonal contacts," he said.

The Politburo member reminded that the American side should refrain from interfering in the Affairs of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang to build proper relations with Beijing. Yang Jiechi clarified that any attempts to infringe on China's national interests would entail harsh retaliatory actions.

He also added that the Chinese government is interested in maintaining contacts on issues related to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Afghanistan, the Middle East, network security, climate change, and health.

The signing ceremony for the first phase of the trade deal between the two countries took place on January 15 in Washington, signed by Trump and Liu He. China agreed to increase the purchase of American products by 76.7 billion and 123.3 billion dollars during the first and second years of the agreement. We are talking about both agricultural and other goods. Washington expects that this way, it will be able to reduce the trade deficit significantly.

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