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TikTok Commented On Trump's Decree On Measures Against The Company

TikTok Commented On Trump's Decree On Measures Against The Company

Washington's ban on conducting any transactions with the owner of the TikTok app - the Chinese company ByteDance and its subsidiaries-negatively affects the perception of the US by investors around the world, according to a message published on Friday on the company's website TikTok.

"This Executive order threatens to undermine global business confidence in the United States' commitment to the rule of law, which has served as a magnet for investment and spurred the country's economic growth for decades," the company said in a statement.

TikTok believes that the ban order "was issued without due process of law," and the US authorities "tried to interfere in negotiations between private businesses." The company also recalled that " TikTok has never shared user data with the Chinese government or censored content on its request."

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump signed two executive orders prohibiting any transactions with the owner of the TikTok app-the company ByteDance and its subsidiaries, as well as transactions related to the social network WeChat, with its owner - the Chinese Internet giant Tencent and its "daughters."

According to Trump, the TikTok app and the WeChat social network pose a threat to US national security, and therefore Washington should "take aggressive actions" against their owners. TikTok, just like WeChat, according to the American President, automatically accumulates vast amounts of information for its users. In both cases, according to Washington, this allows "the Chinese Communist party to access personal data of Americans, as well as corporate information."

On August 3, Trump said that the American Corporation, Microsoft, or another company from the United States, must conclude a deal to acquire TikTok by September 15. Otherwise, the work of the social network on American territory will be prohibited. On July 31, the President said that he plans to ban TikTok in the United States. Before that, Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that Trump is going to force ByteDance to give up its stake in the American division of TikTok so that the company could not control the operation of the app in the country.

We are shocked by the recent Executive Order, which was issued without any due process. For nearly a year, we have sought to engage with the US government in good faith to provide a constructive solution to the concerns that have been expressed. What we encountered instead was that the Administration paid no attention to facts, dictated terms of an agreement without going through standard legal processes, and tried to insert itself into negotiations between private businesses.

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