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Yandex Self-Driving Cars Have Started Testing In The United States

Yandex Self-Driving Cars Have Started Testing In The United States

Yandex announced the start of testing of self-driving cars in the United States. This country has become the second international platform for testing Autonomous driving technologies-after Tel Aviv in Israel.

Yandex self-driving taxis tested in Ann Arbor is a University town with a population of about 120 thousand people in Michigan, where vehicles-drones are allowed to travel on the roads without a test engineer at the wheel. "Testing in Ann arbor will expand the Yandex experience gained in Innopolis, where the first driverless robotic taxi service in Europe has been operating for almost two years," the company said.

On the streets of Ann Arbor, you can find Yandex drones of the latest, 4th generation, introduced in June this year. This platform based on the Hyundai Sonata 2020 model became the first "smart" car that the search engine developed not on its own, but with the active participation of the automaker — the "daughter" of the Hyundai Motor Group concern.

Testing of Yandex self-driving taxis in different countries is due to the desire to create a universal technology that can be applied anywhere in the world. "Differences in climate, traffic management, and legislation create a variety of scenarios in which we test our Autonomous driving system," Yandex explains.

For example, in Innopolis, the company develops a robotaxi service without a person at the wheel, and in Teal Aviv-tests cars in conditions of 40-degree heat, which can be combined with high humidity. Ann Arbor also has its characteristics — for example, you can find traffic lights with five lights there, and the car that arrived first may have priority at an unregulated intersection.

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