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Facebook Introduced An Instagram-Based TikTok Analog, Instagram Reels

Facebook Introduced An Instagram-Based TikTok Analog, Instagram Reels

Facebook presented "Instagram Reels," an analog of the Chinese app TikTok, launched worldwide.

Instagram Reels is a new service for creating and viewing short entertainment videos on Instagram," the company said in a statement posted on Its website.

To shoot a 15-second video, just open the camera in the Instagram mobile app and select the appropriate function in the panel at the bottom. The author can use various video editing tools and audio tracks from the track catalog. You can also record a video with your sound (later it can be made available to other users).

Just like in TikTok, videos in Instagram Reels can be either private or accessible to all users of the social do this, you just need to change the settings accordingly.

In July, NBC TV, citing sources, informed about the imminent launch of the Instagram Reels platform in more than 50 countries, including the United States, whose authorities are threatening to ban its Chinese prototype. According to the broadcaster, the service was launched in Brazil in November last year, and this summer, it became available in Germany, France, and India.

The United States administration accuses TikTok management of promoting and transmitting user data to the Chinese authorities. On August 3, US President Donald Trump said that Microsoft Corporation or another us company must conclude a deal to acquire TikTok by September 15, otherwise, the work of the social network will be banned on the territory of the state.

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