The Rutgers' wrestling has reached 80-0, rolls over No. 14 UNC, Hofstra at Garden State Grapple, and re-run is No. 14 U.S.,

The Rutgers' wrestling has reached 80-0, rolls over No. 14 UNC, Hofstra at Garden State Grapple, and ...

The University wrestling team reached 8-0 on Saturday, after finishing on 4 during the pandemic-induced season, the University beat the Prudential Center in Newark to a pair of victories.

The No. 15 Scarlet Knights downed the No. 14 North Carolina, 28-9, and Hofstra, 35-6.

Rutgers has road duals against US and Army before heading to the Midlands Championship to begin the Big Ten. There's a lot of potential for one-year time when the new year begins.

, who won the UNC match with a pin at 184, said he's appreciating victory after going 0-4 as a team in his freshman year.

A lot of athletes have always been in the game, but it was never an easy start for the team. It showed an arena feeling like NCAAs.

The Tar Heels went ahead in the North Carolina match, but a few wrestlers didn't compete for the Tar Heels, who also fell to Wisconsin 20-16 earlier in the day.

When faced the Scarlet Knights, ten o'clock 10 133 o'clock 13 o'clock 11 o'clock 10 133 o'clock 10 141 o'clock 10 144 - 17 - 18 - 18 - 24. - A robbed the sack at the tenth ring were the same as the two entrants who failed to hold the hands at the tyrene to the victory.

Tom won the Sherman match, but the spectator will be able to wrestle from the field. The competition, in particular, is part of the sport. You can wrestle with the side of your body.

The victory against North Carolina National champion Austin OConnor ended with a 6-2 win.

His late points saved the big decision and his match - despite the defeat - was the greatest draw for the crowd.

The Garden State Grapple, which included both the Rutgers, Hofstra, Wisconsin and North Carolina, a high school and youth match, was held for the first time in the Prudential Center.

Goodale said he would like to see the event grow.

The matchups are big for us, but we are the state, our venue isn't Jersey Mikes Arena, according to Goodale. But in this season, we want bigger and better, especially those of the matchups, the venue and our desire to become bigger and better.

The Sophomore All-American 174-pounder remained out of the game due to an injury. Freshman Connor ONeill took his place and went 1-1.

He said: Were going to wait until we're absolutely ready. January and February are really big deals. You might not see him until then, maybe Army, but were going to see.

Poznanski has improved to 8-0 with a decision against North Carolina's nationally-ranked Hofstra 184-pounder Charles Small, and tie-clinching pin against North Carolina.

Definjtely gained a top of the podium in March, certainly in the hand fight, said Poznanski. I want to be on the top of the podium every day, but it is my goal I will work to achieve that goal all day.

Rutgers 35, Hofstra 6th

Rutgers 28, North Carolina 9 Rw.

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