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Juan Carlos I Of Spain Informed The King Of Spain Of His Decision To Leave The Country

Juan Carlos I Of Spain Informed The King Of Spain Of His Decision To Leave The Country

The abdicated Juan Carlos I informed his son, King Philip VI of Spain, that he had decided to leave the country, according to a letter from the former head of state to the monarch, published on Monday on the website of the Royal court.

"I inform you of my deliberate decision to move outside of Spain at this time," the letter from Juan Carlos I notes.

This statement came after a high-profile scandal related to the possible illegal activities of the former head of state.

"I have been the king of Spain for almost 40 years, and throughout all these years I have always wanted the best for Spain and the crown," Juan Carlos I clarified. At the same time, he drew attention to the "public response that certain events create" related to his personal life.

In turn, Philip VI "would like to emphasize the historical importance of his father's rule," the website notes.

As lawyer Javier Sanchez-Hunco assured, the former head of state will be at the disposal of the Prosecutor's office. "Juan Carlos instructed me to inform that, despite his decision to move outside of Spain at this time, he remains at the disposal of the Prosecutor's office for any procedures or actions that it deems appropriate," the lawyer's statement is quoted by the Europa Press Agency.

The 82-year-old Juan Carlos I was head of state from 1975 to 2014. He abdicated in favor of his son Philip VI. For the past 58 years, he has lived in the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

The essence of the scandal

The Royal family of Spain is going through the worst crisis in recent years. Juan Carlos I was caught in the middle of a major scandal. In Switzerland and Spain, investigations are underway, one way or another related to possible foreign accounts of the honored king of Spain (this is the title that Juan Carlos I bears after abdicating the throne in favor of his son).

The press got audio conversations of the former mistress of Juan Carlos I, entrepreneur Corinna Larsen with ex-police inspector Jose Manuel Villarejo, who was engaged in recording conversations with high-ranking politicians and businessmen. Since 2017, he has been in pre-trial detention. Larsen claimed that the abdicated monarch used her as a figurehead to hide property abroad.

She also certified the existence of accounts in Switzerland in the name of a cousin of Juan Carlos I. Also, information leaked to the press that in 2008, 100 million dollars could have been transferred to Swiss Bank accounts as a Commission to the former head of state for mediating the negotiations with the Saudi side so that the contract for the construction of a high-speed railway on the Mecca - Medina line would go to a consortium of Spanish companies.

In March this year, King Philip VI of Spain decided to officially renounce the inheritance that he could have received from his father, Juan Carlos I, amid reports that the former head of state received about 65 million euros from Saudi Arabia. Besides, by the decision of the monarch, the former head of the state no longer receives funds from the budget of the Royal court. This statement came after the media reported that Philip VI might be the beneficiary of an offshore Fund established in 2008 in Panama and linked to his father.

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