Canadian and US men's soccer qualifier set to take place on Jan. 30 in frigid Ontario

Canadian and US men's soccer qualifier set to take place on Jan. 30 in frigid Ontario ...

The US is setting up the Second World Cup vs. the United States against Canada on Feb. 23.

Ralf Rangnick could be Man United's next manager.

The manager was left unoccupied by the former Leipzig coach, who was suspended from the job by the former foreign minister from Sunday. The position of the former footballer was opened when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired on Sunday. Rangnick would remain without power to remain in the office of the record 20-time English champions.

Italy can make it mandatory to prescribe vaccines.

This week, the Italian government made the compulsory vaccinations for all citizens and employees of all schools, allowing the administration to... Argentina celebrates the year-round anniversary of the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona... Sweden's Union of Journalists urged all Danish journalists not to go to Qatar to cover next years World Cup, saying that the Arab country cannot be trusted.

Marc Gasol will play for Spanish club.

Gasol said that he was planning to play for the Spanish basketball club for the second division of the team, he announced. He will play until the end of the season before deciding to retire. Gasol, who is an avid NBA player, has played for the Los Angeles Lakers for almost four years.

He helped Sweden lead the way in Canada.

Elias Ymer successfully defeated Steven Diaz in the first set, and won a doubles match against Canadian side of the US, then played a major doubles game in the second round. Mikael Ymer was three-year-old and was both 93rd and two years younger than Elias. Despite a poor competitive performance, he didn't hesitate to say that Sweden could succeed at the Davis Cup Finals, and as a result, Sweden was forced to win doubles against

Martin Kaymer taking time off to get a baby's birth.

As a result, Kaymer was crowned World Champion in the 2014 US Open. When his father was born, the 2nd urn scored a 6-under 65 to complete the first round of the Joburg Open as a result of bad weather, he said. However, he was not allowed to run over a ten-mile course at the PGA Championship in 2010 and at the 2014 US Open in 2014 he is a father of his first child, so he hopes to stay in Florida with his family in

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