Traders use defensive options as COVID-19 is worried about returning fears from the war

Traders use defensive options as COVID-19 is worried about returning fears from the war ...

Despite the long-held risks and concerns with the recent coronavirus outbreak in South Africa, Wall Street could lose the fastest amount of time to a 2-month high.

As the S&P 500 index fell 1.9%, the travel, bank and commodity-linked stocks bear the brunt of the selloff triggered by the discovery of a new and possibly vaccine-resistant coronavirus variant.

It was the biggest jump ever on the VIX ever since January 27.

The S&P 500 index and its tracking trading platform managed heavy volumes.

Buy your shares at an optimum price in the future. Calls sell shares at a fixed price, often as opposed to drop in stock prices.

According to the trading platform Trade Alert, the range of options in SPY has been quite high.

In addition to the ability to get close to the ground, we need to get close to the point that we're getting close to the ground.

Adding currency to stock fluctuations accompanied by a week of remarkably placid trading that witnessed the S&P 500 march to record highs, with stocks shouting the face of a panic, causing the US Treasury to reverse monetary policy at a faster pace.

The sting of Friday's sell-off might be exacerbated by the increased volatility among those who jumped out of the 'one-way' bet expressing their frustration.

These kinds of setups have a nasty way of reversing fast," he said.

Even though investors for The Financial Enhancement Group focused on the extent of recent gains in a handful of technology stocks that have disproportionately large weightings in the S&P 500, some other companies, were putting on substantial monetary losses in the broader market, including Apple Inc.,, Microsoft Corp.

"This set the kindling, for sellers to push markets down," he said. "This is a little stoked that bearish flame," says one.

In March 2020, the VIX index is still very good below its all-time highs, 82.69, hit during the market selloff.

An VIX between 45 and 50 cents would be close to panic, said Ophir Gottlieb, CEO of Capital Market Laboratories in Los Angeles.

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