Former players break down Alabama-Auburn predictions: "Many players slam Alabama-Auburn."

Former players break down Alabama-Auburn predictions: "Many players slam Alabama-Auburn." ...

The annual Iron Bowl will be live streamed and will be live streamed on.

The Crimson Tide (10-1, 6-1 SEC), as well as a 19 1/2-point favorites, has already entered a SEC Championship Game matchup with Georgia in their final season. It will take a long time to prepare for the playoffs.

The Tigers have yet to end coach Bryan Harsins first regular season with four consecutive losses.

Auburn has won the last two Iron Bowls on the Plains and three of four of the last two.

It's still the Iron Bowl.

This is what some former Alabama and Auburn players shared during about Saturdays game this week in the past week.

Aundray Bruce (Auburn, DE, 1985-87) (Auburn, DE, 1985-87) (Audiburn, DE, 1985-87).

It doesn't matter what matters to Auburn-Alabama.

We hope that one team wins and I hope that it is Auburn.

Antonio Langham (Alabama DB 1990-93) (Alabama DB, 1990-93) (Alabama DB, 1990-93).

There's something about that Iron Bowl. Even though Auburn lost to South Carolina, there's something about that Iron Bowl that brings out a whole different animal. Ill say Bama by two touchdowns.

Sherman Williams (Alabama RB, 1991-1994) (Kanamara, 1990-94) - Sherman Williams.

Alabama has a quick-strike offense that can pile up the numbers very quick. Auburns offense is good enough to play against Alabamas immature defense. If both teams play their game all year, Bama should cover the 21 easy. Alabama 48-24.

Bob Baumhower (Alabama DL, 1973-76) (Alabama DL, 1973-76) is working for the 'Alabama DL.

Besides the NCAA, Alabama hardly knows how long it took for Alabama to play tough on defense. We fought out what Alabama had so far. The Alabamas smashed by 42.21.

Cole Cubelic (Auburn OL, 1996-01) (Auburn, 1996-01) (Cocktail Cubelic).

I don't think that Georgia is getting it done in the end of the season. Its not easy to say that that some Auburn are very capable of getting it done. So if I don't think that Auburn can win two or three or three of those games, I think that the game of the ball is the way the ball seems, but still in the end.

If you win the Iron Bowl, Alabama will win.

Stan White (Auburn, QB, 1990-93) (Stand White, Auburn QB, 1990-93).

And it's for everyone. "At the last minute, they need to be the first to get something fixed. I am talking about doing your job. Make you, and keep working. I'm telling you you, I'm not a prediction guy. I'm talking about doing your job, Bryan Harsin. If that is for Auburn to win this game, we've got to start up and keep working. It's as simple as that. Do it every day, to make them good, do it every day

Eli Gold (Voice of the Crimson Tide) (Sure of the Crimson Tide) (HisVoice of the Crimson Tide).

"I think that Alabama's the better football team, but I don't know enough about that and the best stuff about it, and maybe the best one for them: it can be, - Oh, thats how they will respond after three straight losses. Alabama has a lot going: They secured the SEC West and they want to get ready to play the Georgia Bulldogs next weekend. I think Alabama's a far better football team.

Joey Jones, 1979-83) (Alabama WR, 1979-83), 1979-83).

Alabama are the best players in the whole. They are dynamic on offense; they dont run the ball as good they have in years, but they make big plays. A young guy who can distribute, think and talk, or look for a little.

Alabama should be very good, but you may be disappointed. It remained a lot more difficult to defend, but still its hard to defend them; we still dont have to do some thing. I have to gamble on Alabama."

Mark Heim is a sports reporter for The Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter.

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