Livestreams: Hudson faces Beal City in Division 8. Michigan High School football state finals

Livestreams: Hudson faces Beal City in Division 8. Michigan High School football state finals ...

By eight:17 (4th): as the Tigers dialed up a halfback pass from Easten Strodtman to Ambrose Horwath for a gain of 17 yards down to the 15-yard line of Beal City.

In a four-and-a-half mile effort, the Tigers won by six yards with the fourth and third quarter of the game.

6:04 (4TH): Hudsons Nick Kopin puts his helmet on the ball and forces the throw from the Cade Block of Beal City, which is recovered by Hudsons Easten Strodtman at the 47-yard line for the first goal of the game.


The game is not under attack, with a turnover on downs and a takeover on its own 34. Jack Fussman is being called back on the team after an injury to Tom Miles on the previous drive.

Thats the third consecutive turnover that is forced by Beal City's defense.

Two:07 (3rd): New Beal City QB Jack Fussman was sacked at the 1-yard line on his first snap, forcing the Aggies to punt their own goalposts from the shadow. Wade Wilsons kick goes off and Hudson is expected to start the drive at the 38-yard line.

One-half-thirds (3rd): Hunter Miles hit the Hudson's 6-7, 215-pound defensive end Easten Strodtman by an incomplete pass, and the quarterback is quite slow to get up, and so he can get up in front of his midsection. He resisted, so I'll say that Miles should come back here based on his pain.

Now sophomore Jack Fussman is going to take over at the QB in Beal.

Two late, two end and eight. Coastal-inspired Giants fumbled a second-and-goal from a backend. Coastal-tay (tan) fumbleed a half-strip thrown from the ball, adding a fumble from Anthony Arredondo to the running back. Hudson recovers at its own 12, but the Tigers can't convert that fourth-and-goal, with the result in the ball at its own 12.

The Tigers moved off to the 28 at the last minute, with the turnover on downs, and it finally climbed up the tallest defense. However, it landed on the 42-yard line, and repaid it, which gave the Tigers a great opportunity to start their second drive.

The Aggies take over in the first quarter on a second of their own by a 2-2 draw, followed by a stop on Hudsons fourth-and-goal run from the 2-yard line. The Aggies are at their own and will be next.

The Tigers' longest play was rips by 33 yards of Nick Kopin on the 26-yard line, for the Tigers' second half record. That carry makes him a total of 100 on 13 carries in the game.

After halftime: Beal City was defeated by Hudson 171-152 and averaging 8.1 yards per play. After returning on empty twice in the red zone before third, the Aggies were unbeaten while taking the lead.

After his three drives ended in two punts and a turnover on downs, but the Tigers took the lead in two minutes into the second half. So much so the seniors can save the game's battle against the other side, with just 15 seconds left.

Kopin leads Hudson with 66 yards on 11 carries, while fullback Brendan Akers has 46 yards on 10 totes.

The Aggies have just 43 rush yards on 14 carries, but Beal City has 43 and 14 carries of rush yards.


That's the second time the Aggies have struggled in the red zone, though for the second time.

Two: 0:04 (2nd): Hunter Miles hits Carter Fussman who tackles it in a twist on the wall, as he does 56 yards on the 7-yard line. That play is the second long connection between Miles and Fussman, with the first going for a 53-yard touchdown.

0:15 (2nd): ToUCHDOWN! Nick Kopin got off left tackle and powers into the end zone for a 6-0 touchdown behind pulling guard Cam Kimball.

As soon as the two point conversion came, Anthony Arredondo gave a striking strike to Ambrose Horwath, who was a great diving catch on the counter just a moment before the second penalty.

Hudson 8, Beal City 7

One of the states best wrestlers, William Humming, will crest his shoulder into the Beal City safety Block on a 14-yard run. That collision was the same type you usually seen on Sundays at Ford Field.

3:27 (2nd): Hudson fullback Brendan Akers picks up 3 yards on his first carry since hobbling off the field with an injury, then picks up another tough yard to convert third-and-1 to keep the drive alive.

In the second quarter, Hudson's arm coiled in the 10 and forced a 25-yard field goal attempt from Hunter Miles, who puts the ball wide right. Beal City still leads 7-0, but Hudson picked up a much needed momentum and will start at its won 20-yard line with 4:15 left in the second quarter.

The Aggies, the third-thousand touchdown and the fourth-and-throw line (diocent) are four-yard points on the Hudson street.

7:58 (2nd): Hunter Miles from Beal City picks up 9 yards on a QB bootleg to convert on fourth-and-4. Aggies receive a fresh set of downs at the Hudson 32-yard line.

Whenever possible, a ball with the slugs won the Tigers biggest game, but one tussle runs the game a pass after a ball, and the Aggies turn a pass into their own 40 mt line.


The Tigers can't afford to lose Akers, who is just shy of 1,000 yards on season.

0:25 (1st), Miles boots a nice low-kick down to the 11-yard line, and Beal City holds Hudson to a 10-yard return.

Beal City strike first on a bomb from Hunter Miles to Carter Fussman, who built up his defense and swung into the end zone from 53 yards out. Heckuva throw from Miles and then launched the ball at the wide open Fussman about 40 yards in the air. The Aggies have 7-0 with 0:38 left in the first quarter.

Beacon 7, and Hudson 0

At zero points (1st): Beal Citys defense forces three-and-out, and Hudsons Bronson Marry boots a strong punt from his own end zone, sending the ball out of bounds 2 yards shy of midfield. Beal City will have its best field position to start its third drive.

Using the second half of the year, Hudsons Bronson Marry blows up an automatic sweep to defeat their second-and-2 victory, forcing another punt from Beal City. Wilson puts a kick into the sideline, sending a second ball to the 6-yard line, and catches a foul from the senior, to flip the field.

1st: The defenses of Beal City take over the Aggies' 31-yard line by the four-and-3 run. Both defenses play well early against these run-heavy offenses.

An attack by Beal City took off the front of the clock to give the Warriors the First-and-5, while Adam engulfed the first-and-4 finish for Hudson, and then a fullback ensued the first second, and the Tigers turned the first-and-5 line to the 50-yard line.

First time today on 3rd and 6 o'clock: Nick Kopin, who has run seven yards carries over the chains.

By 10:28 (1st), Hudsons defense forces a three-and-out drive on Beal Citys first drive, and the Tigers will take over their first possession at its own 20.

New Zealand: Hudson tries an amazingly fast kick that Beal is able to recover for the first time and then try it at its own 47, where it will start the second leg of the game.


A Thanksgiving weekend tradition returns to Ford Field Friday, when top 16 high school football teams take the field for two days of championship competition.

First, the Division 8 state championship match kicks off Thursday morning at 10.

First crown of the year comes in 2010, while fifth-ranked Beal City (12-1) has an irrational view of the third-ever championship trophy in conjunction with its pieces of hardware from 2009 and 1994. This competition is ranked No. 1 in Division 8 and seeks its second state title in program history, and as a fourth-placed winner of the championship, with its first crown coming in 2010. whereas fifth-ranked Beal City (12-1) looks for a third trophy for its pieces of hardware from 2009 and 1994

Come on with us for a live update from the 11-player football finals this weekend, with insights, highlights, tidbits, music, and more fun stuff from all eight championships which is at Ford Field.

After kickoff arrives, refresh this page regularly to find the latest updates and analysis.

Here's Friday's full schedule.

Division 8. Hudson (13-0) vs Beal City (Buni-1) - 10 am - Hudson (13-0) - 5:00 p.m.

Division two: Warren DeLaSalle (otherwise) vs. Traverse City Central (12-1) - 1 pm - 1.

Diction 6: Lansing Catholic (12-1) against Warren Michigan Collegiate (12-12) - 4h30.

Division 4: Chelsea (13-0) vs Hudsonville Unity Christian (13-0) - 7:30 pm - Chelsea (13-0) - 7:30 pm - 7:00 pm - Saturday 9:30 pm - Storner 13-0 - 7:30 - 17:30 pm - 6:40 pm - 7:30 PM

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