London hit by the biggest Tube strike in three years. In three years, the largest strike in the last three years was the biggest strike in the world

London hit by the biggest Tube strike in three years. In three years, the largest strike in the last ...

The company launched the biggest strike since 2018 in central London - Despite its losses from Black Friday vigils, the traffic was slowed down and the underground networks took off.

The 24 hour strike, which started on 0430 GMT, made up the Piccadilly, Waterloo, City and Waterloo and City lines, and the delays on the Jubilee, Central, Victoria and Northern lines.

Adding 58% of London's usual services, it said.

2,000 member of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union took part in the walkout after disagreements over TfL's plan to make tube drivers take on shifts at night.

There were five lines where TfL used dedicated Night Tube drivers, with the Waterloo and City line also suspended as it shares many of their drivers with the Central line.

On Saturday, the Friday and Saturday night tub service was suspended during the pandemic. The service was suspended until Friday and Saturday, during which the pandemic had already started.

Joe Swaffham, 36, who commutes from North Greenwich to Moorgate to work for a maintenance company, said his journey took two times more and made him 45 minutes late for work.

The trains were less forgiving when I arrived. The line for Jubilee's three-throw has a glass wall for safety.

"But I think that train workers shouldn't have to be forced into hours that they didn't sign up for," he added.

The Black Friday strike, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, could cause a serious injury. Shops in London said it could have affected sales on Black Friday.

"The timing of the strike is particularly disappointing," said Ros Morgan, executive director of London Business Alliance, which represents 500 businesses in London's West End.

TfL said there weren't any plans to speak with RMT leaders. "We remain open to talk but there are no concrete plans so far," a spokesperson said.

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