Noa Kirel Offers a Christmas Gift Guide For Music Lovers, For Sale, A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers

Noa Kirel Offers a Christmas Gift Guide For Music Lovers, For Sale, A Holiday Gift Guide For Music L ...

With Thanksgiving approaching, I think its time for holiday gifts, but those who are envious of this unique challenge are given the Uproxx Holiday Guide, a tool that helps the world to give the best gifts they have ever given, received, or those they wish they had thought of.

The first Uproxx Holiday Gift Guide recommends to Disneyland, her new beauty collection and more.

What album do you love the most is the gift of that holiday?

I would say anything by Bruno Mars, something that is very feel-good and great.

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What gift does the gift give your loved one a perfect gift for?

I currently don't have a single or significant other, but at my disposal, vacation abroad is my most important gift sharing experiences, seeing new places and being together in a new setting.

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What do you give the musician in your life to?

It's going to be eating or making things in the studio. lol I'll probably have to have a food or something in a store.

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What do you want for a child?

For sure, one day in the amusement park is the real good choice.

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What is a great gift for the parent?

I have a laptop, so I have some books. For my mom, a clothes or a bag, for my dad, but perhaps a gadget. You bought me there.

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What is a great gift you find from the merch item?

I'm obsessed with your hair. If I love you, some hair tool, I do not need it at all.

How are we feeling? What is an experience you think would be a great gift?

And yes, I do it. Vacation or Disneyland are really my personal favorites.

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The first time that Noa Kirel's novel, Hight Big Thing is out now. Listen.

Noa Kirel is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is a independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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