Has the prime minister of Ethiopia gone to the front of the warzone?

Has the prime minister of Ethiopia gone to the front of the warzone? ...

Having announced that Abiy Ahmed would lead his countrys soldiers on the front lines of the war against the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), a TPLF affiliated media has offered an estimated two million dollar ($230k) for information on the whereabouts of the prime minister.

The article was reprinted with the information on Nov. 23.

The presenter compares this to the 10-million birr that the Federal government had back when it was in the control of Mekelle.

Abiy said that he is in Kasagita, Afar region, and sharing some victory news and vowed to recapture two rebel-held territories today.

After the rebels retaken most of Tigray including its capital Mekele, they pushed into the adjacent Amhara and Afar region and were pushing towards the capital.

The whereabouts of Ethiopia's prime minister was a major question of speculation.

Several aside from the comments received from the Tigray media on Tuesday that the prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, had been trying to lead the Ethiopian army against Tigrayan forces on Wednesday in the front lines. The question of whereabouts was not a clear matter since the Ethiopian state media said on Wednesday that prime minister Abiy Ahmed had been in the forefront of the demonstration and the protest against the Tigrayan forces on the first floor.

The ten-week battle over the apex of the Nobel Prize winner's photo at the battlefront has continued since the apex of the media group, a campaign for pro-rebel claims circulated demands for his photo, with the hope that he was in action. The story of the clash with the Libia Front was further distorted, yet in response to the petroliberal movement pushed back from the border with the country, and the tiger government started a coalition in November

However, the calls were not welcomed by pro-government accounts who labeled the appeals malicious and accused them of being aimed at obtaining Geodata, GPS coordinates that are stored in photo files as metadata that could be used to identify the location where the photo was taken.

Another campaign was launched to counter the calls for Abiy photos to suggest that it is unnecessary to say that the rebels are trying to locate her.

According to a tweet from the TPLF-spokesman, Getachew K Reda, the whereabouts of the pm has also puzzled his adversaries.

It has long been the tradition that is respected by Ethiopian leaders who went to war. With so little exception, Abiy continues to argue that it was a common belief that the Ethiopian way of government that was followed by Menelik II and the Emperor Yohannes IV, who died in the war in 1889.

On the other hand, in advance of the state of emergency measures, the Ethiopian government imposed ban on all unauthorized reporting on military engagements and historical events.

In the battlefront, prominent Ethiopian figures are joining the prime minister on the battlefield.

Since Abiy declared that he's going to the front, prominent figures have vowed to join him including Ethiopia's Olympic heroes Haile Gebrselassie and Feyisa Lilesa.

Haile is a legend of Ethiopia, where she has two Olympic gold medals and 8 World Championship success. He has 27 world records and 27 Olympic records.

The other athlete Feyisa won the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon and became famous for holding up his crossed wrists so they would be drawn a global attention to the terrorist action demand in Ethiopia.

Opposition figures, political party leaders, and artists have all vowed to join the war on one of the existential threats to Ethiopia. In contrast, TPLF supporters denounce this effort as an effort to gather public support behind the war effort.

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