What has ended, what has left to whip what has left to sweep the head at Oregon States streak-busting, milestone-achieving 2021 season

What has ended, what has left to whip  what has left to sweep the head at Oregon States streak-busti ...

The 2010 season at Oregon State in 2021, despite that being its best in nearly a decade, is always the best in every six months.

The Beavers have both streaks and milestones this season, and those that still need attention are the same: the streaks and peaks the Beavers achieved this season.

Streaks/milestones are some milestones.

OSU is bowl eligible for the first time since 2013.

Beavers got unbeaten at home, at home (6-0) for the first time since 2000.

Stanford, lost 11 games in defeat to the Cardinal.

The Huskies failed to complete a nine-game losing streak.

USC: Won in Los Angeles for the first time since 1960, ending a 24-game road losing streak.

Utah: Ends their five-game losing streak to the Utes.

I really need some attention.

Beavers havent won in Eugene since 2007, with a streak of six consecutive losses.

The Cougars extended their winning streak to eight games.

The second season opener against Oregon State marked the sixth consecutive season-opening loss.

Last week for the 2013 season, after season eight, wasn't OSUs first meeting in a top 25 national poll.

The Beavers have never lost their most traumatic past at the Pac-12 North championship. The Beavers havent gotten any closer than their previous meeting in the conference title, 2000, when they shared the Pac-10 with Oregon and Washington, respectively.

Rose Bowl: Oregon State hasnt played in the granddaddy since the 1st of Jan. 1965.

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