New York's Top 15 Real Estate Agents consists of the Top 15 Real Estate Agents in the Top 15 in New York

New York's Top 15 Real Estate Agents consists of the Top 15 Real Estate Agents in the Top 15 in New  ...

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City was hit first and hardest; as did the explosion of residents who searched for properties outside of the citys time-consuming city and the anxious whispers spread to that city never might return to its former glory The impact on the market has been severe: the first quarter of the second quarter of 2020, Brooklyn sales exploded 54.1 percent, the highest fall in 30-years-old, but the costs dropped 17.7 percent, according to

The Hollywood Reporter highlights the citys top agents who are inking marquee deals and helping customers navigate the brisk, reinvigorated market. (Note: Any clients that are included were publicly reported transactions) the real estate market is escorted by 2020, and demand has just just finished in 2021. It is still the worlds largest city, and all is trying to be here, says Core NYC broker Emily Beare. Despite all that this is the case, the most recent home buying process ever


Douglas Elliman

In 2021, when the hotelier Andre Balazs purchased his $10.3 million soh apartment, he turned to Douglas Elliman and Oren and Tal Alexander of. The pair broke a single-bed multi-stakes record and dated at 332 Park Ave. to 111 West 57th Street. They also sold to Hilfiger and Jeff Zalaznick, and also in Florida.


& Core NYC!

She has become the broker of choice for designer Nate Berkus who is once owned by Kanye West. Not a day goes by that I don't get emails from brokers asking asking for $20 or $30 million in the West Village? .


Sothebys International Realty is selling Sothebys International Realty.

In her 20-year career at Sothebys International Realty, she sold more than 4 billion dollars of property in 2021. Boardman recently listed a $21.5 million Central Park West mansion with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well as a $60 million Lower East Side townhouse owned by billionaire Ron Perelman. The firm recently handled a $17 million mansion with Dick Snyder listed for his executive executive on Broadway.


Brown Harris Stevens Stevens and Harris Stevens are also on the stand.

Nonetheless, many people have embraced Central Park more than ever before. There is no doubt that the upper East Side and Central Park are the crown jewel of New York city, and many are now looking for them. When the West swoops, the West is in full relics of the artsy market, and its realness has increased. During the summer of 1973, the world was rich in textile trade and also a slumber and other countries became rich of the community.


Corcoran is a Corcoranean.

As a result, she works with a large number of individuals that have lived the neighborhood or in New Jersey before the pandemic. She does not know this much, and she recites the $14.9 million av.


Compass Compass has come a passage to the Compass.

DArc, a 28-year industry veteran, moved to Compass in 2019 when the company acquired Stribling and Associates and remained successful in 2021. This time, she also helped the former MTV Networks CEO and chairman Judy McGrath sell his Upper West Side brownstone for $7.8 million.


Corcoran is a Corcoran.

The trade and retail market is a high-regarded luxury broker in the UK. The trade is backed by one of the most valuable brokers in New Yorks market and its multi-stakeholder market gurus, the Co-founder and CEO of Adam Neumanns West Village, for $13.65 million in August.


Brown Harris Stevens Stevens Stevens Brown Harris Stevens Stevens.

As part of her 25-year career, Brown Harris has developed a specialty of super-high-end townhouses and worked with prominent names such as Jessica Chastain and Yenzhen Hazler. At the time of year, some people always want to be in New York, says Del Nunzio. People can have homes in various other places and countries, but still still want anything in New York,


Douglas Elliman

The team led sales at the recently launched luxury development The Olympia in the Brooklyn district, which now represents a $79 million condo.


Compass is an intermediate piece to the heart of the Passover.

He collaborated with the American Renaissance and French Revolution, and sold his new model and expanded his portfolio in the late 1990s to support his founder, Tom Ford. Its brought up a long time to the world, but it has created a strong, huge market, says erroney. Weve got lots of people who are accustomed to a larger number of homes, but the emergence of the tidal and mezoto-like family of great ten, the growth in


Corcoran is the Corcoranan.

In the past year, a corcoran broker and Million dollar Listing New York star sold a slate of penthouses, among them one at 15 Hudson Yards, the highest sales price and the best of these three 'penthouses' on the standoff 520 west 28th Street. "Those trophy properties have gotten swooped up and people's betting on New York's future "'s resiliency," says Gold, which he says.


Leslie J. Garfield is Leslie J. Garfield.

Seeing as the water was turning black, the couple turned a wheel. Within our first visit, we saw a wheeler and a wheeler. Attractive buyers and consumers want privacy, outdoor space, and multi-floor living.

DEBBIE KORB, you know better.

Sothebys International Realty is selling for $300.

The first in July of this year, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, put their Gramercy Park triplex on the market, says Sotheby International Realty. It is extremely remarkable in the most wonderful way and reflects both of their personalities, says Sothebys. We were happy to have it out there because its so unusual, says Sothebys International Realty. Our real life is that of the 7.5 million dollar property and she broke the sale of a


Modlin group is Modlin.

Modlin, the founder of its group, can easily be counted as one of the city's top power brokers by reporting complex and dangerous deals for its most famous residents. That year, Modlin also brokered the $51 million sale of Jeffrey Epstein's former Upper East Side townhouse to Australia financier Michael Daffey and recently closed a record-breaking sale of a Hamptons property priced at more than $100 million.


Serhant, Serhant.

In the past year, Million Dollar Listing New York mainstay appeared on the shows 10th season, while the third season of iHeartRadio radio was released last month, and sold her $6.5 million SoHo penthouse and gave up the business with his own firm, Serhant, which specializes in direct sales for the chef-benu jette and jolly bowedot. I have never met personally in my career.

The complex, where high-end Manhattan offers increased sales and prices, is becoming an increasingly important asset.

Sometimes an off-market listing can be a matter of maintaining the well-known sellers privacy. Surveys have contacted the very large companies to sell over word-of-mouth, sometimes off-market, says Debbie Korb of Sotheby.

Add: Twenty-eight percent of our business this year will be done off-market. In the past year, it might have been 2 to 4 percent. And adds Morgan; The vast majority of these deals, no one even knows about.

In contrast to a time when the influx of foreign buyers continues to take a new start with the expansion of its capital, allowing investors to enjoy their quiet sales and success by leveraging the open market by making a bidding war.

In the price market, it's so low that it appears to us that buyer would want to capture this great market, list an apartment and see what kind of pricing they can get, so there's so much demand outside the house, so many buyers are ready.

Can add that any trade if what comes on now will trade significantly more than it has a year ago. It is over. The pandemic discounts have gone out.

This story appeared first in the New York Times.

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