Dear doctor, can anyone who is with pacemakers donate blood?

Dear doctor, can anyone who is with pacemakers donate blood? ...

Dr. ROACH: When I was at the local hospital, I told him I can't donate blood because I had a pacemaker and made me sign a form acknowledging that I was told that. My cardiologist said he never heard of this. What do you think? -- C.K.W.

I'm your cardiologist.

The American Red Cross allows pacemakers to donate blood, so long as their pulse is normal. It noted that the pacemaker is protected from any machines that you use during blood donation to donate blood.

Some blood banks want people to wait for a long time after the pacemaker is placed, perhaps owing to the very rare event of a blood infection. Among the major blood banks, those who don't go to the medical office are able to donate.

A YORK: My ears both get sore I cant even sleep. What can I do now for? "WYW YORK."

These are many factors that cause pain in the ear, such as trauma and infection. Moreover, relapsing polychondritis is a rare and serious disease of the unknown cause. As the word "relapsing" or "necessari" means, one can become accustomed to it's origin: it's also very common in European countries.

An acute illness carries high risk to death.

If you want to get a doctor, please check it for the examination and send it a referral. What is the problem in my neck?

A.S.: Is it true that eating raw oysters or clams with alcohol can cause acute gastritis? I thought I read this somewhere. -- M.A.

Alcohol can cause acute gastritis (gastrum is a Greek word for stomach, itis always means inflammation), which is a common cause of adequacy, and in most of the time most people drink distilled spirits (whereas wine or beer) in particular.

Vibrio vulnificus is often the best cause of diarrhea and intestine cramps, sometimes with bloody diarrhea and fever. Vibrio vulnificus can cause grave death-causing disease, but may cause serious kidney disease. The most common type of skin disease is malnutrition. We don't need raw or cooked shellfish and its apronodolytes, and cannot not eat raw or meatless fish.

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