Under the umbrella of a program-design organization, UAB honors 20 senior people for season finale

Under the umbrella of a program-design organization, UAB honors 20 senior people for season finale ...

United College football isn't competing for the first time in four years for a division title and league championship match in the final week of the regular season.

At last week's loss to the division rival and undefeated UTSA led to heartbreak, but there is still more to celebrate in honor of 20 seniors, that have already left an indelible impression on the current and future status of the program.

The Blazers' journey hated an impossible path over the weekend, with their return of their regular season against UTEP, Thursday Nov. 26 in Protective Stadium, Birmingham. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. CST on ESPN+.

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You've been playing here last year when you had game after game canceled and stayed together, and we will be back in the backside, with that group, the people who enjoy that, have a special group, and we want to send them out the right way.

After the expansion of the UAB program by their elder statesmen, and their support and respect of their peers and underclassmen stood at high-level honor.

They're real leaders in the team's own defense, junior defensive back Keondre Swoopes said. Regardless what they say, we listen to them. They have been here four or five years so I look up to them and I want to send them out with the win.

Three players who were present at the 2017 season are among the seniors who signed with UAB during the 2016 recruiting cycle -- Lucious Stanley and High School teammates Tyler Johnston III and Hayden Pittman.

"That guy's so big a warrior," Clark said. "He's a guy that people love watching play because he plays so hard and it's important to him. The Return itself, to championships, and all that this year, he does a great job."

Johnston took over as the start quarterback at the tail of the 2018 season, following an injury to former signal-caller A.J. Erdely, but was injured multiple times in his time leading the UAB offense. At the time he is now a prolific player in the industry, he has thrown 88 yards, 37 touchdowns and 28 interceptions, including 665 yards with five rushing yards and 5 scores.

Since the last half of his UAB career, he sacked more than 1,000 career rushing yards (1,022) in history.

Pittman, on the other hand, has been a huge rock for the Blazers when he was young and spent his career with the Blazers at the end of his career, including 74 receptions for 752 yards and five touchdowns, and played in all 61 games since 2017 season-opener. There are also Stanley and Dyjonn Turner (48) and Kris Moll (51).

As far as it's been, I have done the same as the guys in 2017: Tevin Crews and Shaq Jones and all those boys; I became very happy and I was thrilled to be here.

In addition to getting involved in the league at the end of the 2020 season, junior college transfer became an integral part of the offense, especially by the arrival of the junior, who arrived in 2017 by the season tail end, and has appeared in 37 games with 16 starts, bringing 44 catches with 74 yards and 12 scores, and runs all tight ends this season, with an average of 21,1 yards per reception.

The freshman quarterback said those boys are my best friend.

Hopkins and Johnston enjoyed the protection provided by senior offensive linemen Colby Ragland, Andrew Smith Jr., Sidney Wells and Jakoby Jones.

Ragland started 31 games of his career, and the most successful is if he had the right to finish playing under his belt, and Sidney Wells has the right to strike with a shoulder in Tulane last season.

I have lived around them since 2018 so I have made everything for them for the past four years. I just want to love them, this game means everything on Friday.

The defense for the UAB has 11 senior players, including two players DyJonn Turner and Kris Moll, who joined the program as true freshmen in 2017.

Poppie (Turner) has been a leader, Clark said. We played him at star, we played him at safety, we moved him around. He has been envious and fought through it. The other face of the program is the ballball.

The defensive front features four recent additions, led by MiCario Stanley who transferred into the program in 2019, and Tyree Turner who joined the program last season. Former LSU outside linebacker Justin Thomas was also asked to sit out last season while Jacob Batts didn't play following the graduate.

Noah Wilder's move from Gardner Webb in 2018 and has been a sure-tackler for the Blazers in his career, logging 32 starts in 33 games and amassing 207 tackles (19.5 for loss), 5,5 sacks, four pass breakups and forced fumble and recovery. West Virginia's Charlie Benton joined the program this season while Arizona's Troy Young joined the program in 2020.

TD Marshall grew up in 2018, a combined 64 games and has now moved from Samford to the final game in 2019. Both of them had his first appearance in the last three games.

The unit combined with 99 games played between them, are the 11 seniors on defense, Moll and Turner are the deans of each other with a combined 99 games played.

Moll has made a stellar career on the Southside since suffering a wrist injury in the Tulane win. It was his first ever start, so he has received a wide-ranging performance in the play as a head coach. This brings his team together 27 tackles (27.5 for loss) and 13 sacks, including 10 pass breakups, two interceptions and six forced fumbles, and the recovery.

In his career, Turner has produced 120 tackles (4.5 for loss), a sack, 20 pass breakups and two interceptions.

The 18th high school will earn an impressive 41-20 record from its entire period at the school, and have a remarkable record and impressive list of accomplishments. UAB has a strong record, issuing two straight iC-USA western division titles and a two conference championship.

Turning your mouth and remembering every moment in a year, you remember the greats of the game. All the laughs, all the downtimes, all that, everyone else said. To watch this program grow all over the years, Turner said. Winning 3 straight championships? Going to the championship game three times? The shortest time in a year, Turner said. With this program continuing to grow all the year long, my time here has been phenomenal, and I will remember every part of it: every moment

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