Project Eyes began 2022 with the project on Liverpool's Littlewoods Studios Project

Project Eyes began 2022 with the project on Liverpool's Littlewoods Studios Project ...

The Council of Liverpool set out the next step, to deliver a new film and television studio in the city.

A report, which will be awarded to the Council on Monday (3 December 3), requesting a full sum of up to 70 million dollars will be used to redevelop the iconic Littlewoods, which would include studios, creative office space and new media facilities.

The former art-deco HQ of the Littlewoods empire has been vacant for decades and has suffered a vanishing firestorm since in 2018.

The report proposes proposals to kick-start the long-gestating redevelopment in two phases; the approval would be sought to begin an estimated 18 million reconstruction project in early 2022.

If approved, phase one funding will come from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and be granted to the developers Capital&Centric to conduct project investigations, remediation and the main design work.

The depot has a studio and a parking lot in the same neighbourhood. The 8m needed is part of an initial agreement with the Combined Authority, which carries a total of 3M which has already delivered The Depot studios.

Phase one works will take approximately a whole year and once phase two is fully costed, this would lead to a complete development contract.

For phase two to begin a fully managed funding package needs to be drafted up with the council and combined authority seeking the balance, both a 12 million investment and a commercial lender seeking for the balance.

The scheme already had two major anchor tenants, Twickenham Studios and John Moores University in Liverpool. The scheme would have been subject to planning permission, but still has two other projects Twickenham and Liverpool.

If the project could be completed, the Littlewoods Studios plan would have 85,000 sq ft of studio and ancillary space for Twickenham Film Studios. This space will be operated by TIME+SPACE Studios.

The project is to design a wide range of creative industries and resell them in the market for a broad market.

The project of Littlewoods Studios would complement the newly completed Combined Authority and Council funded studio, known as the The Depot. These two 20,000 sq ft temporary filming stages, which are managed by the Liverpool Film Office, opened last month and the council have already taken number of bookings from clients.

The city of Liverpool is currently hosting productions like Skys Funny Girl and Ms. Arterton, The Curse from People Just Do Nothing and recently invested in Channel 4s Help starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham, the BBCs The Responder starring Martin Freeman and the ITV adaptation of The Ipcress File, through the LCR Foundation.

The latest series of Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who and Ridley Road, and movies like The Batman and The Edge of War in a series by Warner Bros were also filmed in Liverpool.

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