The Turkish inflation rate rose from 3yr high on November to November

The Turkish inflation rate rose from 3yr high on November to November ...

A Reuters poll reported the increase in interest rates - the year after the lira climbed to a record low, the annual rate expected to surpass its highest level in three years in November.

The median forecast for the 15 economists in the Reuters poll was 20,7% for last month - the highest since November of 2018 - with forecasts coming from 19.3% to 21,06 %.

According to the median the monthly rate was seen at three, with forecasts from 1,8 to 3.3 oz.

The central bank continues its easing cycle, even considering rising inflation expectations, the overall inflation pressure pushed an increase in the price of processed foods such as bread, rent and fuel to record lows.

The bank's monthly tax rate is now rising by 15%, compared with 19% before September's initial cut.

The lira took off by a harp on Tuesday, a record low of 13,45, the monetary easing stalled the telecommunications trade as President Tayyip Erdogan defended the monetary easing.

The central bank has expressed the frustration that the cost of a stimulus is temporary, and the price will follow a volatile course in the short term.

In October, inflation jumped by 19.89% every year and by 2.39% each month.

The Turkish inflation lag in double digits and is now far above emerging market peers most of the four years, leaving an increase in Turk earnings and a fall in support for Erdogan.

I can say that in the first half of next year could be in the first half of that year if the Reuters question asked why the inflation will peak.

"Year-on-year CPI could reach a peak level in 1H22 at 27%, but we should note that the higher risk could reach over 30%", Gurcan said.

The central bank recently raised estimates of 18.4%, which was the median year-end inflation forecast of the economists participating in the poll showed 22% of year-end inflation forecasts, while 20 to 24.7% of the population of those economists was displaced by the recession and had unsustainable growth of the economy.

The Turkish Statistical Institute will announce the yearly inflation on Dec. 3 at 07. On Dec. 3. The Turkish Statistical Institute announced the November inflation at 07.00 GMT on Dec. 3.

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