Mountain Brook cruises to Turkey Jam championship, and won the World Hoops Highlights show

Mountain Brook cruises to Turkey Jam championship, and won the World Hoops Highlights show ...

Mountain Brook won three games this week in its Spartan Turkey Jam to become a winner of the tournament. The tournament championship took place on Wednesday with Eufaula 80-65, Charles Henderson 62-59 on Tuesday and Tuscaloosa 55-37 on Monday.

A total of 20 assists in the first round of the title game, Kyle Layton scored 20 and Ty Davis had 19 with 10 assists. Parks McLain scored 15 points while 3 points off Charlie McKimmon, despite adding five steals.

Joshua Paige led the Tigers with 29 points on 5-of-9 shooting from behind the 3-point arc. Caleb Paige played 25 points and made five rebounds, but Rashaad Frye scored seven rebounds.

Enlisted in the win over Charles Henderson, the leaders had 18 points and 7 rebounds from Rowe and 11 points from Layton. Davis had nine rebounds, five assists and three steals, and Alicia Longs got 13 with eight rebounds.

In other games after a busy holiday week on the hardcourt: the thumping of the hardcourt, all played a lot of games particularly when the softcourt assoy in the past game.


Spain Park 46, Homewood 27: Spain Park ran away with a 21-3 burst in the third half after drawing 19-17 at halftime. Sam Wright had 11 and Zach Gray scored 10.

Spain Park advance to the championship game with 78-69 victory over state champion Anniston. Turner led the winners with a career-high 30 points. Both Gray and Harrington were three and rushed through two points to earn 10 points each.

The Jaguars defeated Chelsea 65-47 in the first half before the Jaguars defeated 18-17 when one and a half in the first half. Thomas and Thomas won the game with nine points, then Harrington had four and nine rebounds.

Georgiana 72, Andalusia 59: Georgiana won the first Turkey Classic in Dothan to get a spot in the Downtown Dothan Hoops Classic in December. The Panthers had a freshman lead, Nasir Cheatham, who scored 22 points and ten rebounds. Amari Feagin made thirteen assists, while Zach Boggan scored 10 and Tremari Longmire scored 22 and Emmanuel was able to help the Panthers win the open second edition of the Ael-Zy

In a 58-52 semifinal victory over Cottonwood, Jacob Lowery scored 12, Feagin had 11 and Cheatham had 10. Georgiana opened its season with a win in the Dothan Turkey Classic in the Civic Center. Amari Feagin had eight points, 11 rebounds and four blocks, and Tremari Longmire had 13 points and eight assists.

A 24-hour-long halftime lead allowed the Bulldogs to gain 27-23 confidence in the Dothan Turkey Classic. Florala was led by the 18 points and Christian Greasham was 15 points and a 3-point goal for the Wildcats in the other half.

For the Warriors, Labaron Philon 69, Cottage Hill 65: Baker lost to cottage Hill on Wednesday, with three-pointers including 35 from Philon and five from Flowers.

Cottage Hill was led by Trent Thomas with 25 and Josh Bell with 17 while Tyler Thomas with 13.

58-51, Cottage Hill Christian Academy handed the Bucs their first defeat, after a fourth defeat by the Bucs, 9:47. Grady had 12 points and eight rebounds for Hoover, while Josh Bell had 25 points and five rebounds for the Warriors, and he was 11-of-12. He had 16 points, 4 blocks, two assists and a steal.

The Bucs came on the scoreboard with 12 points, six rebounds and four blocks to progress to 5-1 with a 59-37 victory over St. Pauls to close the tournament.

Hoover was led by London's 13 points, four rebounds and three assists. TQ Richardson and Dewayne Brown had 11 apiece. Brown also had six rebounds.

In the series to compete in the Robertsdale game earlier in the week:

Labaron Philon led the Hornets with 14. Charles Taylor followed with 12 and McWell Hogue with 10. Baker also beat Jackson 68-32 on Day 1 of the tournament. Philon finished with 20 points and Jayven Williams had 15.

Earlier in the tournament, UMS beat Daphne 58-54. Simmons had 24 points.

Robertsdale 51, Jackson 47: Robertsdale outscored Jackson 23-12 in the fourth quarter. JaLeal White scored 24 points and 11 steals to win the Golden Bears. Michael Reed gave 14 points to the Aggies, and Jaqualyn Jackson added 10 points.

The Jaguars defeated Columbia 72-53 with 15 points and five assists. Fredrick Derrick has 11 and Denzel Washington pitched in 10.

The Jags also beat Buckhorn 58-50, with Curry leading the way with 25 points and 12 assists. Hayes scored 17 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for the Jags, while Curry had 12 points.

Assisted survival as the Panthers walked up to 4 yen of action, which was scored by Carson Roberson and 16 at the Supremes Court Tournament in Guntersville. Coleman Hunter had nine points and 9 rebounds as the Panthers were able to beat the Tigers.

PCA beat Southside-Gadsden 51-40, letting Roberson scored 14 and Hunter had 16 points and 10 points in the win. Segars had nine points and four assists, and Brady Hughes had seven assists for Prattville Christian.

Sardis, therefore, 57-52 beat Prattville Christian. Freshman Conner Williams scored 14 to make Prattville Christian better. Roberson and PJ Evans scored 10 apiece.

87, Spanish Fort 81: Akieves Shorts and Jywon Boyd scored 18 points for Eufaula. Cody Youngblood followed with 16 with 37. The Toros lost to Eufaula earlier in the tournament, 90-76. Horace had 29 and McAllister had 27.

76: In HoopsGiving Tournament hosted by Plainview at DeKalb County Colisum, Grissoms Efram Johnson paced the Tigers with 35 points. 29: RJ Johnson's 15 and 10 points earned the Tigers a victory on Friday in Corinth, miss.

GIRLS are some of the GIRLS of GIRLS.

Against the wind, the Yellow Jackets had to earn 12 and 11 points. The Yellow Jackets shot 59 percent from the field.

The Generals won a weekend match at the St. Louis Tip-off Classic. Makayla Ford finished the day with 15 points and Limaya Batimba was 13 rebounds.

Davidson 45, Fairhope 39: Fairhope knocked out the Pirates on Monday. With nine points from Lexie Grace Hunt, eight from Reagan White, and seven with eight rebounds from Elyse Hughes.

The victory over Faith Academy was a success for Fairhope (5-1) with 8 points and 7 points apiece in the victory. Aye was 8 and 8 rebounds, and Yasmin Harmon had 10 rebounds and 6 points.

The Bulldogs got 16 points and six rebounds from Lauren Hames in the victory. Olivia Gann scored 13 and Leslie Hames also had six rebounds. Earlier, Hartselle went on to a 57-42 victory against Priceville with 14 points in the quarter. Zoey Benson led the Bulldogs with seven rebounds while Natalie Cartee was six.

91: Ella Jane Connell led the Class 3A Prattville Christian with 21 points, five assists and four rebounds in a win over 7A Gadsden City in the ac s Thanksgiving Tournament in Guntersville. Hannah Jones was 18 points and eight rebounds, while CoCo Thomas had 11 rebounds and 11 rebounds. The Panthers improved to 9-0 on the season.

With eight points, twelve rebounds and four blocks in the 49-44 victory over New Hope. Thomas scored 13 points, six rebounds and five steals for PCA.

Williamson 44, Robertsdale 20: ShaDonya Johnson, 10 points for the Lions, and Baker, 38-26. ToMyla Allen was 11 points and five assists. Johnson took 10 points, six blocks and five steals, but the Lions lost to Jackson 40-24 in the final. Naomi Jones led Jackson with 11 points.

Osama Govan led Terrell Academy with 22 points, while Abbeville Christian 34 points in the victory at Dawson, Ga. On Friday, Amiyal Govan scored 8 points and slipped up to eight rebounds in the game. Bailey McMatiy led Terrell Academy with nine points.

Govan poured in 26 points with 16 rebounds and topped the scoring. Blalock scored nine points with 16 rebounds.

Sand Rock turned to 4-0 in the Geraldine Tournament with five rebounds. Cary Carley scored 8 points with three rebounds, and Mary Sutton scored 11th in the second round of the last four games. Yvella Williams, Yenne Vanah, Yves Taylor scored 10 and nine rebounds, Yvelna Taylor scored 10 and three rebounds. Yvese Yves, 3 steals, three blocks, and three assists.

At the weekend, Sand Rock beat Asbury 68-32 with 21 points. Garrett had 19 points with five assists, while Lisenbee had eight points with five steals and four assists.

Elmo made a surprise play in the tournament. Sand Rock surpassed Boaz 65-48 earlier in the tournament. Lanie Henderson scored 25 points and St. Clair had 14 and Garrett had 8 points, three steals and three assists.

Montgomery Academy 39: Montgomery Academy defeated the Larry Chapman Tournament semifinals. Virginia Meachum led the Eagles with 19 points, Hayes Jenkins had 11 and Pierson Hartley had 10 rebounds in the loss.

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