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New York Authorities Asked The Court To Prohibit Trump From Interfering With The Receipt Of His Tax Returns

New York Authorities Asked The Court To Prohibit Trump From Interfering With The Receipt Of His Tax Returns

New York district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is asking the court to stop considering a lawsuit by US President Donald Trump that requires not to disclose his tax returns, according to Vance's petition, which was received on Monday in the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York.

The Prosecutor in 2019 sent subpoenas to the American division of the French-based firm Mazars demanding to provide data on tax deductions of Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, since 2011. The Prosecutor stressed that he needed to familiarize himself with these materials in connection with the ongoing proceedings. It concerns the role that Trump allegedly could have played in paying hush money to women who claimed to have had an intimate relationship with him in the past. Mazars previously prepared financial statements for Trump, his family members, and his businesses.

The President of the United States made several attempts to stop the proceedings initiated by Vance. He, in particular, appealed to the Federal court for the southern district of New York, demanding that Vance's request to Mazars be declared illegal. The Prosecutor wants the court to stop considering this claim of the US President.

As emphasized in the new petition, Trump's lawyers failed to prove that Vance's request "is being carried out in bad faith." According to Vance, the US President filed the lawsuit only to slow down the proceedings of the district attorney's office. As Vance believes, Trump's lawyers put forward those arguments against providing the Prosecutor with tax returns, which the court has previously rejected.

In July, the US Supreme court ruled that the district attorney's office has the right to continue trying to obtain the materials. Vance said he would continue the proceedings. Trump's lawyers insist that the Prosecutor is motivated by political motives and expects to receive tax returns in light of the US presidential election scheduled for November.

Democrats demand disclosure of returns

Trump's political opponents have been demanding that he publish tax returns since the last presidential race in the country. The Republican, under various pretexts, refuses to do this. In 2019, Trump said that regulatory authorities were still conducting checks on companies owned by him. According to the American leader, in this regard, it is undesirable to publish information about tax deductions.

The New York district attorney specializes in bringing charges for violations of state laws. This position is elective. Vance represents the Democratic Party of the United States.

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