Asfura faces a steep climb on the Honduran leading party hopeful Asfura could get through the hill climb

Asfura faces a steep climb on the Honduran leading party hopeful Asfura could get through the hill c ...

Tugucigalpa Mayor Nasry "Tito" Asfura must overcome the unpopularity of the in power, the unified opposition and the deep economic slump in the Central American nation.

A recent poll shows the two-term mayor of the ruling National Party trailing his main rival, leftist candidate Xiomara Castro, who hopes she'll succeed in the new presidential election on Sunday, and end a ten-year duopoly in Honduras.

Asfura says over the course of his campaign, that despite being dogged by the allegations of his own corrupt acts, he can break in the tenure of former president Juan Orlando Hernandez, whose tenure was completely exempt.

"We'll clear the table," Asfura said at a recent rally, in an exchange for the accusations that Hernandez helped bring drugs to the drug industry and the conviction of his younger brother earlier this year in a New York courtroom on charges he aided drug traffickers.

Juan Orlando Hernandez denied all allegations he accused of graft.


The 63-year-old Asfura is the son of Palestinian immigrants who fled their homeland after a conflict in the Arab-Israeli period in the 1940s.

Asfura worked in a construction industry for decades with his support among the calls of many people, such as "Papi a la orden" or "Daddy at your service".

He began working in the public in the 1990s. He was the first to become a government member in 2013.

Asfura has not presented a detailed campaign platform but at its rallies he pledged to build roads and create jobs. He also said he would support the arts, education, and health, business, small and medium-sized businesses, and manufacturing industry.

His usual outfit was a light blue shirt that could be rolled up, short sleeves, work boots and jeans.


Despite popularity in Tegucigalpa as a public work project manager, the mayor is plagued by a series of corruption allegations.

In another instance, Auferco filed a preliminary ruling in 2020 against Asfura and Nilvia Castillo, in which the two argued that they'd diverted 1,2 million dollars from the public budget between 2017 and 2018, despite a dispute between the two of which were both making a public profit by all the public money from 2017 to 2018.

However, the case started going into stalled after the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court, controlled by allies of the outgoing president, ruled in favor of the defense's appeal because of procedural errors.

Asfura's name appeared as the owner of a company which owned a company of the Pandora papers, which he is known as in October October with the Intaprio Incident - a massive leak of confidential financial records of huge investors worldwide that uncovered a number of assets held offshore by politicians and public officials.

Asfura has denied all allegations of corruption multiple times.

Asfura cannot and does not want corruption to be ruled out," said Eugenio Sosa, a sociologist and professor of the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

That's because the group that is the group that aims to govern Honduras in order to be president is the same group that built a shady plan of impunity," said he.

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