Earn more than $15 per month -Lipper for more than four months will gain first weekly outflow -Lipper - the Dollar dollar - the American stock market seen a second weekly outflow - -Silk & Co

Earn more than $15 per month -Lipper  for more than four months will gain first weekly outflow -Lipp ...

After President Joe Biden nominated Jerome Powell as chairperson for a second term, the bond funds posted a net outflow in the week to Nov. 24. "The Federal Reserve would become more aggressive in normalizing monetary policies to combat inflation"

Among other things, investors sold a net value of a net profit of $158 million on a debt-purchase basis. This is the first outflow since the week of July.

The United States Treasury yield, which is usually moved in tandem with interest rates expectations, rose to 0.687% on Tuesday, its highest point since early March 2020.

The yields on Friday dropped as the demand for safe-haven assets pushed for further developments in the economy.

An actual value of $58 million compared to $57 billion in four weeks.

U.S. short/intermediate investment-grade funds saw outflows of $781 million, but U.S. general domestic taxable fixed income and inflation protected funds received $1.83 and $1.15 billion in inflows respectively.

The US equity funds saw net selling for a second straight week worth $4.27 billion.

Investors sold $4.4 billion of large-cap equity funds, but they purchased the lowest- and lowest-cap equity funds respectively of $2.17 and $1.84.

US investment and value funds saw outflows of $2.2 billion and 872 million respectively.

Technology and real estate funds poured in $730 and $539 respectively, while medical expenses and health care saw more than $0.7 billion in outflows.

The u.S. government put the largest inflow in four weeks.

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