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By energy supply, government of Kirgyz gives cheap coal to farmers, as it consumes cheap energy

By energy supply, government of Kirgyz gives cheap coal to farmers, as it consumes cheap energy

- Since the world war began in November, President Sadyr Japparov told the COP26 global climate summit this month that he'd turn a central Asian nation into a carbon neutralist by 2050, but now his government wants the city to burn more coal.

The Cabinet has agreed that amid the electric power crisis and ahead of Sunday's parliamentary election, thousands of people are waiting every day to buy coal at cheaper prices.

The capital Bishkek, which last winter claimed its title as the world's most polluted city, is ill for air quality.

But the former Soviet republic has plenty of choice in the matter - half of its electric power is generated by hydroelectric plants. whose major problem has since suffered from low water levels, due to drought across the region, this year's most.

While the Soviet Union refused to accept a withdrawal from neighbours facing challenges of the governments debt and many reasons like the Bitcoin mining boom, Kyrgyzstan's Government warned citizens to pay their homes more on coal than on electric boilers and heaters. Several of the countries agreed to offer the sale of discounted supplies.


A major discount from the market price of about 5,500 soms, has been made from the 50-year-old Chinara who has been shopping for coal for 3,000 soms ($35) per tonne, a big discount from the market price.

"In a cold winter, we burn about five-6 tonnes," said she. "The energy costs are to buy a coal cost at five 500 soms and then I stand three-four hours." But what do we freeze?

An expert says that "smog cannot happen" - one who uses coal, has some common sense - that means that he will never be forced to leave Bishkek.

The country with 6.7 million hectares hopes to solve its energy problems in the future by building more hydroelectric power plants to solve its problems in the winter, but operating them causes headache, even if increases water flows during winter and consumption increase and cause flooding downstream.

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