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Climate activists, strike in Europe strike the Black Friday Black Friday of Amazon, backed by climate activists, and strike in Europe

Climate activists, strike in Europe strike the Black Friday Black Friday of Amazon, backed by climate activists, and strike in Europe

- Climate activists targeted on Black Friday at 15 Amazon depots across Europe and urged the world's largest e-commerce company to get back to the country to protest. Workers and workers were in the country and France and the country's biggest production and delivery drivers were protested.

The company isn't paying workers enough, and it doesn't even allow governments to pay more tax. The environmental activists say excessive consumption does harm the environment while workers aren't paying enough tax to government workers.

Hundreds of Amazon depots blocked across the United Kingdom, the Extinction Rebellion said after a bloc blocked 13 Amazon depots across the United Kingdom.

"Amazon and companies like it have capitalized on our desire to use convenience and stoked rampant consumerism at the expense of the natural world," said it.

The group said that it blocked Amazon depots in Germany and the Netherlands, Reuters reporters said. The protesters blocked the entrance, meaning no vehicles could enter or exit.

Walls read: "Black Friday exploits people and planets" and "Pestful prosperity, finite planet" and "Enfinite growth, infinite planets".

Extinction Rebellion said Amazon had "crimes" in which activities emitted more carbon dioxide than medium sized countries helped fossil fuel companies.

Amazon, which brought the traditional U.S. Black Friday discount day in 2010 in Britain, said, in a spokesperson for the company, which worked to minimise any potential disruption to customers.

Amazon also said that it's taking its responsibilities seriously.

For us, we pledge a zero carbon reduction by 2040; 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement; providing excellent pay and benefits in a safe and modern workplace; and supporting the tens of thousands of British small business who buy our store.

"We know there's always more to do," it said.

Labor workers and delivery drivers in the u.s. accused Amazon of unfairly low wages and taxes.

Verdi said 22,500 employees strike at Amazon shipping centers in Rheinberg, Koblenz and Graben in Germany, the biggest company in the nation, following the United States, according to the company's union.

The union coalition also reported a strike in Italy. According to the report, the government had a strike in France.

The "Make Amazon Pay" coalition demands that Amazon pays its workers fair and respects their right to join unions, pay their fair share of taxes and invest in the real ecological sustainability," the coalition said.

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