The Pope, who helped to help 50 migrants in Cyprus relocate to Italy after visiting the region and visiting the region

The Pope, who helped to help 50 migrants in Cyprus relocate to Italy after visiting the region and v ...

Pope Francis arranged to relocate 50 migrants from Cyprus to Italy to mark his trip to the Mediterranean island next week, a source on Friday said.

The source said the 50 will be relocated after the trip, which starts on Thursday, but the first and the last of the 50 will be on Thursday, but probably not before Christmas, in a way that might be purely logistical.

In Cyprus, the government spokesman Marios Pelekanos said that the Vatican expressed an intention to resettle several migrants from the island to Rome, but didn't give any details.

In addition to rising migratory flows, and the need for a fair distribution among European member states, the clergy expressed their understanding and solidarity, as manifests by the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, at the need for the people in need, "the Vatican recognizes the problem that the Republic of Cyprus faces today by increasing the number of people migrant from the EU and the need for fair distribution among the member states", he said.

The east Mediterranean island, which is the closest EU-reland to the volatile Middle East, says it has been bombarded with arrivals in recent years.

Compared to the whole of 2020, migrant arrivals have risen 38% so far this year.

Many arrive through a porous green line - a ceasefire from 1974 after a Turkish invasion after a recent Turkish invasion of a Greek-backed coup - and pushed the island into a Turkish-Cypriot north and a internationally recognized Greek-Cypriot south.

And when a flood came in late 1970s, more than 9,000 asylum seekers came through that route - many of its asylum seekers are from war-torn Syria, but the number of arrivals since then has been spiked from sub-Saharan Africa.

Francis is due to return to Cyprus on Dec. 2-4 before arriving in Greece in an early days of day, which includes a week trip to Lesbos which hosts many foreign migrants.

Francis, who made the protection of migrants and refugees a cornerstone of his papacy, visited Lesbos in 2016 and returned to Syria with a dozen refugees.

Last year a fire destroyed a camp in Moria and replaced him with a new mavrovouni camp.

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