Florida actor arrested Jan. 6 riot on juda and played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar riot

Florida actor arrested Jan. 6 riot on juda and played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar riot ...

The Orlando actor who played Judas in the American tour of the Broadway movie Jesus Christ Superstar was arrested Tuesday pending an arrest, but a member of the Oath Keepers claimed the actor attended the attack in January.

Congressman James Beeks is accused of obstruction of the law and entering a restricted building. Rioters invaded the Capitol complex that day, and accused him of making Congress deny the restraining of a presidential election, scolded that day and said that he was rigged against the president of the election and misled the Congress, stealing his money and claiming that his obscene position was rigged against then-President Donald Trump.

Despite being on the lookout for the riot, a leader of the Oath Keepers who made an anonymous complaint against the arrest of the comrade. They said that the person who joined a militia group during the riot, who wore a mask of Michael Jackson, had been unidentified for being in the riot, as he ascribed his stack to the military side.

One woman wearing the jacket, dressed in combat gear, and the man with the jackets and the officer on her feet came to the Capitol.

Defendants were able to identify Beeks using his cellphone and credit card data, affidavit said. The data showed he paid an annual membership to the Oath Keepers weeks before the riot, the prosecutors said.

Some at least 20 members of the anti-government organization have been accused of participating in the attempted insurrection, three of whom have since pleaded guilty. One member, known only as "Defendant 4," spoke to investigators about Beeks but didnt know who he was at the time.

Beeks told the other Oath Keepers, that he was a new member and began on social media by Kelly Meggs, who later arrested with his wife, Connie Meggs, Defendant 4 said. "We have a new members and are now working together".

Investigators later able to discover pictures of Beeks wearing the same tour jacket and partially identify him by a distinctive feature of his right ear seen in a photo at the riot and his YouTube page.

His stage name is James T. Justis. She was previously cast in the Jesus Christ Superstar, which is now on its 50th anniversary North American tour. She's known for her appearance as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

In the tour's archives, Beeks was performing in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the weeks before his arrest on Tuesday, and has since been replaced as the cast.

Stephen Gabriel, executive producer for Work Light Productions, which produces the Jesus Christ Superstar, did not respond immediately to the message in reply to a message asking the comment.

Beeks next court date hasnt been set yet.

At the address of the above, see the 2021 Orlando Sentinel Address.

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