Dan Campbells honeymoon officially ended in Detroit. The honeymoon of John Campbell is almost over in Detroit

Dan Campbells honeymoon officially ended in Detroit. The honeymoon of John Campbell is almost over i ...

This is a story written by MLive.com reporter Kyle Meinke.

Now, if the honeymoon wasnt over before, it was certainly now.

Tom Campbell has drawn lots of praise for his leadership in the early days of the Detroit Lions rebuild, and he deserves it. Now, though, Tom Paterson has won four games in his first season, and is not getting back. But that makes me think of what that is, and as we will, that he can re-sign after another embarrassment last Thanksgiving.

The Lions are now 0-10-1 under the new head coach, which is also very bad for the Lions. A year later, the Lions are still looking for their first win in all of their first 11 games, which is just one off Marty Mornhinwegs club record for a new head coach.

You know that you have bad time. When you are being spoken as Marty Mornhinweg or in the same way as other names, you know that you have bad time.

Even though his leadership qualities stand out, and the others are still in love with the locker room, despite his current high level of strength, it is never enough for the Lions. But his leadership qualities come to a high point.

You can just avoiding the septic effect.

And now that time has come when the mistake-ridden game ended in coaching-induced chaos.

The Lions would like to continue to keep with their dread and do that. In the long tradition of the Lions trying to lose, the double timeout is not only a new one. It was the only time they were holding on to a 14-13 lead late in the game, but Chicago was driving. The Lions took timeout to stop the clock and get organized.

They ran back onto the field intending to run a Cover-0 defense, but talked about hearing into Cover-2 if Chicago came out in max protection, so middle linebacker Alex Anzalone checked into the Cover-2. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Not so much, I guess, since half of the secondary failed the check and were squeezing right away.

When I told that, I'm not sure what happened.

Lions called another timeout which - or worse, you can't do it all, they flagged themselves five yards for it, the Bears scored third-and-4 then milked the rest of the clock before grabbing a gimme field goal for the win.

And when he threw that out in a flat, it was about to be a touchdown. Cann't do it. Now, he asked: "Whoever a day they have had to woo me," Campbell said. So the last thing in my head is: Well we had one call and one another, then we will get a touchdown. So I then to the second, but the second time it was a time for the end, and then it was a penalty.

You could, for example, allow a touchdown would have given up the lead but at least the offense would've a chance to counter. The only thing you couldn't do that is allow a first down, which of course is exactly what happened.

This is the Detroit Lions and when it comes to losing in the strangeest of possible ways, nothing is impossible.

Suppose you want to play away coverage from the three-and-4 deep and deep in your territory in a one-point game.

I have another mystery. As long as we're going to see the end of the game, then we will see who did it at all.

While Byrd went beyond sticks, caught the ball without resistance, and the Bears drained the clock while Jared Goff ran for the showers, without touching the football in the final 8:30 of the game.

The Lions took one timeout to talk about what they wanted to do on defense, then were so disorganized they were forced to call another timeout, which you can't do -- and then again played a coverage so intentionally soft that Chicago was able to draw three-and-4 to decide the last game.

And of course, Dan Campbell is a disgraceful situational awareness that catches the attention of the team and then, as it all goes, then returns to the coaching. And that falls on Campbell, who has played a great role in the end-games to his time, despite the dwindling time of a long time.

On Thanksgiving, he blew it worse than ever.

I thought they played hard, Campbell said, but the mistakes killed us, particularly offensively.

Three straight penalties were in the second half, so all are correct. You'll see those things out there before the last one which resulted in a lot of the consequences, and a lot of those boos were of all ages. A few more were in the pond that included a batch of straight penalties against T.J. Hockenson, Evan Brown and Jamaal Williams were put to the play by the end.

The Lions surrendered with another draw play which yielded exactly 1 yard and led to more ravenous boos again, understandable because at this point they're not even trying.

They were holding a 7-3 lead at that time, and two plays later, they were down 10-7.

Very bad.

Second half, they did it again.

The Lions have a positive play all of which make it the worst in the league which are just one of the last to keep a healthy play. Lets hope that something good will happen.

So that as soon as you call another pass the line of scrimmage, what exactly Campbell did. It gained seven yards, and further hundreds of boos from people who are not so fat as watching the Lions light themselves on fire.

Fox began a second punt with left. The game got better, and due to the coaching fiasco at the end of the game, they never touched the ball again.

Where would you stay in the pocket and watch the match later? How is the ball moved off so I could not let them take the time to go off and give me a holding call?

As we learn and develop, the good teams do and work consistently, and they try to find something to get to that end. Its a bit more than that and that its very good like that, and all that we do consistently. And the things we're working towards; and the things we're doing to that end.

On that last point all evidence is from the contrary.

From now on, winning the game was an expected result. Everyone knows that Lions are outmanned most times during these early days of the rebuild. They aren't sure that they're able to win this season, but they were no better than those who did not expect them to be good this season.

A new issue is still on the question of Dan Campbell's willingness to be a part of the job, from the lack of an avalanche of their own mistakes, and beyond the problems to his staff, allowing his employees to fail to make even a win and to succeed. But instead, the Lions have to get an additional boost in their time of doubt to get one.

If the honeymoon hadnt been over before, it surely is now.

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