Global equity funds see highest inflation in eight weeks. Lipper: - Lipper: & Lipper: 'Stuffs have the largest growth in the past six months' - Leigh: 'The worst way of achieving highest inflow' -

Global equity funds see highest inflation in eight weeks. Lipper: - Lipper: & Lipper: 'Stuffs have t ...

Global equity funds rose their lowest inflow in eight weeks in the week ended Nov. 24 - the U.S. rate hike was slowing in 2022, despite President Joe Biden appointed Jerome Powell, who headed the central bank for a second term.

The biggest investor buys global equity funds worth a net $443 million, the smallest net buying since the week ended Sept. 29, data show.

New worries about the spread of COVID-19 fueled the gloomy mood new curbs in certain regions, notably Europe, doused investors hopes of rapid growth in consumption and growth worldwide.

Investors purchased the EXPO from 1.6 billion and $0.2 billion respectively.

Consumptionary funds received 115 million dollars, and technology funds attracted $1.76 billion in net purchases, marking the biggest weekly inflow in the past four months, and health and the financials received $788 million and $596 million, respectively.

The biggest amount in six weeks is in cashflow, but globally-financed bonds have flown on net $2.09 billion.

Inflation-protected funds secured $1.39 billion in net buying, while government-owned bonds tapped $1.32 billion in cash. However, high-risk funds shared outflows of $2.8 billion, the biggest weekly outflow in over eight months.

Global money market funds drew a total of $11.32 billion in net purchases, comparative to $3.05 billion in the previous week.

For commodities, precious metal funds attracted net $883 million, while energy funds saw inflows of $20 million in three straight weeks of inflows.

An analysis of 24001 emerging market funds found that investors purchased equity funds a fourth week, worth a net $138 million, and sold the bonds of $1.7 billion, for a second straight week of outflows.

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