They perform excelling on special teams before they contribute to offense, defense and defense defending

They perform excelling on special teams before they contribute to offense, defense and defense defen ...

PHILADELPHIA linebacker walked into the backfield with his read steps at the new Orleans' football field last Sundays game at Lincolns financial center.

Edwards began to look the direction of the Saints receiver as he saw as the receiver was on the right hand shoulder. After seeing the Saints tight end Nick Vannett move toward the sideline on an out-strip, Edwards quickly broke toward the receiver. The same time, he took the pass over for the Eagles, then caught a pass that gave the Eagles an early momentum boost.

Edwards became the frontman and played a hard time, making plays like interception and making a cross-field effort for the Carolina Panthers in the last game of his knee, passing back and a double-foot, a blocked field goal and hitting one specific team, on one special team and on one offensive. All this is his case before he recently suffered a knee injury.

The Eagles special teams unit is becoming a proving ground, allowing players to take advantage of their games and preparing players to get a lot of snaps on offense and defense.

Michael Clay is excited to see that the players starting on special teams start on offense and defense.

As with the offense and defense, we try to keep using the athlete at the most point of every game. Those guys can be better and better, Clay said. Those guys are being better and better when they are in each phase of the conversation, but as with the defense and special teams in one particular phase, we will continue using him and see the player grow.

An individual with an individual who has several seasons in the NFL has received the 11th highest grade from the football team heading to Week 12. These young players are keen to impress while they learn to play the field and play the same defense and defense as Edwards.

When you come in the afternoon, there is a team game that everyone has not just defense and defense, but special teams, plays a big part, Clay said. Giving these guys the opportunity to go out and show a different story in this seasons telemetry, re-entry us with the ability to join an team; and to support the team thats what we are all trying to do.

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Clay helped ensure these players were playing at a high level. Clay became a special team coordinator in the offseason at the San Francisco 49ers and worked with other teams to show how people are shaped by other teams.

Clay said that teams treat their special teams differently, and that it always comes down to personnel. He said that general manager and head coach did a good job compiling the young talent that could be transformed into productive special teams players.

Even after last meeting with a very good team (Lets special teams coordinator) Darren Rizzi put together, he came up with the plate. I think Howie and Nick have done an outstanding job of getting players that have special traits to help this team win, said Clay. They can tell, when we went up against a very good unit that, after he met Darren Rizzi with his team, stepped up to the plate.

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