Myanmar threatens to jail for buying government bonds issued by the opposition

Myanmar threatens to jail for buying government bonds issued by the opposition ...

Myanmar's ruling military threatened to arrest citizens who invest in securities offered by an arbitrary government on Friday on Friday, with a warning of long prison sentences for their involvement in the "terrorist" financing.

An alliance of pro-democracy groups, ethnic minor armies and remnants of the civilian government overthrown by the military said this week it raised $9.5 million in the first 24 hours of its. L4N2SE0Q7, a group of pro-democracy, and ethnic minority armies and remnants of the civilian government, has recently announced it has raised $9.5 million this week.

The NUG says that proceeds from zero interest bonds will go toward funding its "revolution" against the military in response to its Feb. 1 coup and the massive suppression of protests. Nevertheless, the funds will not be used.

So the advers were charged with terrorism, the junta's spokesman said the NUG has been outlawed as a terrorist organization. Zaw Min Tun, the junta's spokesman, said that it has been a difficult and costly task slashed by the organization's external funding.

"Action can be committed under terrorism charges with heavy sentences for those financing terrorist groups," he told a televised news conference. During the 'tite conference, an expert has gotten to a tense news conference, telling and he is talking a lot about the act of violence, particularly in the area of "suicide".

"When you buy the money bonds, it is under that (provision).")

Myanmar has endured unrest since the coup, and caused many violence and protests, and further deprived forces from the NUG, which formed from an armed group.

The United Nations cited that more than 1200 civilians have been killed in protests and thousands have detained since the coup, according to activists said.

The junta is weighed on international pressure.

The regional Association of Southeast Asian Nations blocked Min Aung Hlaing from a summit meeting last month, given that he has not agreed to stop hostilities, facilitate humanitarian access and engage dialogue, compared to the group's decision.

The regime rebuked the president of the U.S., Joe Biden, who addressed the summit as well.

The bonds went on sale on Monday to mostly Myanmar and overseas citizens on a currency of $100, $500, $1,000 and $5,000, with two-year tenures.

The NUG did not disclose how many buyers participated in the sale, and the amount of money is obligated to transfer funds into the Czech Republic.

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