At the age of 77, Germany prepared to transfer COVID patients to the new era of infection

At the age of 77, Germany prepared to transfer COVID patients to the new era of infection ...

BERLIN, November 26 - Germany on Friday declared a new record of 67,698 COVID-19 infections in a day as a new record was released of the first time in the pandemic to unburden seriously ill patients to other parts of the country to unburden struggling hospitals.

A day before the day before, Germany had crossed the threshold of 100 per cent of COVID-19-related deaths, despite warnings from hospitals in the east and the south that their intensive care units are filling to capacity.

An air force mission will have to push the grave ill COVID-19 patient's route from Memmingen southern to Muenster near Osnabrueck in the north to remove the north-side clinics, according to a security source.

ICU beds carry the aircraft with up to six patients at home in Germany, so it is the first time that the Air Force has used its so-called "flying intensive care units", to transfer COVID-19 patients into Germany.

The government says, a source says, that Germany will also declare South Africa a virus variant area on Friday after the detection of a new COVID-19 variant there.

After the decision comes into effect on Friday night, airlines will be allowed only to fly Germany from South Africa in return for all Germans, according to the source. However, the return of those who have vaccinated will have to spend 14 days in quarantine.

"The newly discovered variant worries us. That's why we are acting pro-actively and early here," said the health minister. "The last thing we need is a new variant that makes a lot more problems," said the minister.

The variant called B.1.1.529 carries a very unusual "climbing constellation" of mutations which means it could help to prevent the body from becoming immune prone and improve a immune response, South African scientists say.

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