How a prosecutor addresses a mostly white jury and won a conviction in the Arbery case

How a prosecutor addresses a mostly white jury and won a conviction in the Arbery case ...

The attorney of the state of New York, a black man killed at the scene and two white men shot him as a man, the victim of the murder of a black man a sunny afternoon by three white men in a small city on the southern side of Georgia.

As far as the proof of racism she had, Linda Dunikoski, the prosecutor, was stunned by avoiding race in the trial; instead, as a result, honed the details of how the three men chased the black person, Ahmaud Arbery in their neighbourhood.

A vote on a country that seemed to have made tentative steps last summer toward confronting racism, a case that never has reverberated into deep divisions.

Three men were convicted of murder and other charges in the court of judgment on Wednesday. The jury found three men guilty of murder and other charges in the court Gregory McMichael, 65, his son Travis McMichael, 35, and his neighbor William Bryan, 52 -- at time of parole.

In her closing argument, she said, men, such as Danikoski, had attacked Arbery because he was Black, had to run down the street. In the closing argument, she said, the men, and a lawyer who represented Bryan, wrote a racial motive: "Also she said, he was aggressive, and was wronged to kill someone."

She found a clever way of bringing the issue up that wouldnt offend to the right-leaning members of the jury, he said. I think you can look at the verdict that Dunikoski made the right call.

Many lawyers realised that Dunikoski wasnt a risky player; but a number of scientists thought that her strategy would be risky, particularly in a Middle East where, according to some expert in the opinion of the press, but many in Brunswick thought she acted with intelligence over what tone she would strike in a deep South community where race doesnt have to be referenced explicitly to understand the implications.

Cedric King, a black local businessman said that the evidence against the defendants, particularly the video of Arbery's murder, was powerful enough to stand alone.

Everyone who saw the video and knew the context surrounding what transpired knew it was wrong," King said.

In a deep South, the murder of Black people was buried in a brutal murder trial. Only one black person was murdered and even the other one was white. The trial has echoed a bitter memory of some great renown sex in the Middle East. There is a reason for the lack of black identity. The trial in the black-sold state was for a narrow election in 2020 and not a white population, but was created by the precariousness of all the Black people and their white people

No one in four residents of Brunswick's county had been infected with discriminatory bias over the partisan selection of a race based jury. The Golden Isles is an inherited land of wealthy people, although the Northern Territory is a popular tourist destination with many wealthiest people in the country.

At the end of the trial, Dunikoski, 54, who declined to be interviewed, spent some of her career in the Atlanta area, establishing a reputation for sex crime and criminal justice, having been the father of the Arbery family so deeply that they called her Aunt Linda.

The case took the treacherous route before it was rolled over by Dunikowski. The scold area attorney is still handling the case, and the two local district court offices refused to investigate the case, but one of the former prosecutors, Jackie Johnson, has been criminally indicted in his handling of the case. It was then passed to the more resource-rich Cobb County, where Dunikoski has been working since 2019?

Having spent more than 17 years working as a prosecutor in Fulton, where one of her highest-profile cases was the trial of a group of highly black teachers found guilty in 2015 of extortioning other charges and causing trouble in school. Critics said the prosecutors offered a student's student's scapegoat as scapegoats for the large school district and had much more complex systemic problems.

A judge at the time attempted to jail Dunikoski for failing to pay a $100 fine because his client accused him for contempt. The chief county prosecutor reportedly played a shouting match with the judge, saying he unjustly harmed a legal reputation.

Observers said Dunikoski succeeded in the trial over Arberys murder in finessing a difficult case with the correct tone.


When she was shot, she thought that she possessed a hidden weapon. While in her case, she said, "You have to be in danger of the innocent self"; as she walked, her body was exaggerated by a secret--trained, tyrene-like poses, teasing her mind into exaggerated poses, as she screamed in the exaggerated self-assessment, then to the jury.

The jury was narrowly forced to review the defense's argument that the three white men had pursued Arbery legally, under the state's arrest law, and a large amount of the legal points were eliminated as she pushed back against the decision obscene from the argument that they had, in self-defense, done so.


And in her rebuttal to the defences closing argumentbefore the jury was sent off for the so-called final sentence for the three men Dunikoski made an appeal to common sense, extending the general rule of life to those defendants that she said had violated the common law an appeal to the general public: Dont go looking for trouble.


She said, this was about putting people accountable and accountable for their actions. He told them that Arbery was killed because he was Black. Now she was telling them that the case wasn't about whether the men were good or bad people. Instead, it was about poisoning accountable for their actions.

As the jury deliberated, Arberys aunt, Theawanza Brooks, were frustrated by the fact they didnt have a T-shirt for Dunikoski as Arberys name on it; When Dunikoski briefly entered the courtroom and entered the familys room, a second aunt cried out a word, Linda, girl, you killed it!

After the verdict was broadcast on Wednesday morning in Glynn County, Dunikoski was hailed as a hero by the crowd. It was immediately after her name became apparent, and despite the announcement, the Democratic candidate called a Democrat for Georgias attorney general, apologizing to the verdict, telling his friends, Amen.

"On the other side I feel proud of where I am from, but still to the way that we've been by the end of our history.


For the first time in this interview, a keen and gentle a-lister was standing in her face, as the lawyer at Arbery's front, and told a happy and relieve crowd outside the courthouse - her tone, not only directly, but also clearly. The verdict came in the verdict today, which was based on the facts and the evidence; - so they could do the right thing.

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