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Turkey awaited its first Kavala hearing by the Occident after a row with Western allies re-stricken

Turkey awaited its first Kavala hearing by the Occident after a row with Western allies re-stricken

Turkish court on Friday will hold the latest hearing of philanthropist businessman Osman Kavala, in the case of his obamaman, on Monday. - The court has brought a diplomatic tussle between Ankara and its Western allies after they called for his immediate release.

In the trial of Kavala, who has been in prison for more than four years and was criticised for his political motivation and a dissent repression under President Tayyip Erdogan.

The government has refused to claim that he has been exempt from the court of Turkey.

Last month, Erdogan threatened to expel 10 countries, including United States, Germany and France, after rejecting a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling that Kavala should be freed.

This has been a key force for foreign trade, with interest rate cuts blamed for growing business in foreign ties.


Kavala acquitted last year of charges related to nationwide protests in 2013 but, in addition to charges related to a coup attempt in 2016, no other misdemeanor has been filed, has denied no wrongdoing.

As far as Erdogan knows, a fair trial was impossible given the comment that Kavala was having said that he'd be a good person to attend the hearings.

"As a citizens defending the law, I think it is wrong to act at the same time that legitimize the present situation's jurisdiction," he said in a statement.

Kavala is trialled with 51 other people in a combination of three separate cases over the 2013 protests and a 2016 coup attempt against Erdogan and his government.

The ECHR called for Kavala's release in late 2019 because he was afraid, over the lack of reasonable suspicion of committing an offence, because his detention meant to silence him.

The Council of Europe said it would begin infringement proceedings against Turkey if Kavala isn't released, could eventually lead to Turkey being expelled from the body.

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