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For Wright, defense sets tone for No. 3 Millville football blanks Vineland in 150th meeting in 150th meeting

For Wright, defense sets tone for No. 3 Millville football blanks Vineland in 150th meeting in 150th meeting

Dennis Thomas admitted in the defensive scheme employed by the Millville High football team that the head coach is heavily oriented toward the three players who have become the front-line fans.

Jaydan Wright and Tyler Traylor-McKnight as well as sophomore Kevin White accounted for Thursday.

In the 150th meeting between Millville and Vineland in the clash on Thanksgiving Day, the Thunderbolts allowed just eight yards in the first half. The effort proved sufficient to win over the Fighting Clan 47-0.

  • 11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal
11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal
11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal

The Fighting Clan continued their lead, 67-64-19 from the time of the second-round series. There was an estimated 2,000 spectators at Wheaton Field in Millville gathered on hand to see the Thunder beat 3-1.

It was more of us going out there and doing what we need to do, Wright said. My whole team had been practicing all week long. We knew the game plan would be executed well. We all had to do was execute.

Against these guys, it's worth doing what we need to be doing with the confidence to be strong. We're better prepared for the tough.

Millville led at the break 45-0 while he held Vineland without a first down.

So far, we've only surrendered one touchdown in the last seven games. Thats phenomenal of them. Jayden did a phenomenal job penetrating the defense. We put much in front of our back.

Even though Lotzeir Brooks fumbled, the claimer had to recover enough to take advantage of the excellent field position.

Thomas did not shy away from calling Brooks' number. The freshman wideout finished the second half with six catches for 117 yards and two scores.

Lets learn from them. That's why Ill get tired of this one. "He is a young man," Thomas said. "I don't want to run away from him only because he has made a mistake. We embrace mistakes. We're smart to learn. "That's where I'm," Thomas said. "Mean from him isnt the person who knows the truth."

Two touchdowns went to Millville's first floor in 13 minutes. Junior Keyan German scored from 12 yards out and scored the two-point conversion.

Robbins played with freshman TaRon Haile at 29 yards and came to the end of the game from 3-over-air in the second quarter. Naeem Sharpe added two points on the try and joined Brooks again, this time for an 18-yard goal.

Allen scored an eight-yard-high pass just before the half-time. Raynis converted the kick on the last two scores.

Until once again, I got back to the last other game, I fumbled, as it sounded like a sleeve on DT. Having not given up on me as if I fumbled or anything, I'd just have to come back and get the touchdown. That was the first Thanksgiving game for me, so it was special getting that win.

There totaled 14 yards of offense in the second half when senior Daeshaun Winchester and freshman ZhaVian Diaz intercepted passes for Vineland.

He said he had a lot of injuries this year, then head coach Dan Russo said. "We have a lot of injured this year, we have three football teams, so we will get back with our team."

The next month, the National Football Federation is out of the way, but with the victory in the contest, Millville can now focus on winning the NJSIAA South Jersey group 4 championship. The city will play Winslow on Sunday, Dec. 5 at Rutgers University.

With the introduction of our starters first half, we kept up our restraints. So our eyes were amazing. And it was fantastic. Thomas said we're very healthy. That's why we played our starters all the way. We took the time and continued going back to the next half of the game. We didn't have any injuries so we kept our prank, it was phenomenal.


As soon as the Thunder came into play, then a single-head shot by Billy made its first-double off the ball keeper. When the Thunder stopped getting the kick off, Brooks caught his second typhoon to lead Millville up, 38-0. Upon closing, the Thunder onside and kicked out an eight-yard touchdown for Allen. The ball turned on by a defender with 12 seconds left to go.

As a result of the race and a long battle between a cyclist and a runner, a man with his foot on the hill would spit a long eye. Despite the efforts, the defending man lacked confidence in the Thunderbolts' success.

Let's put it this way, Russo said. We have a lot more motivation for this offseason. It's what it is.

Thomas defended his actions not only by the kick but also by continuing to pass the ball deep down with the big lead.

It was a squib kick, not an onside kick, Thomas said. In coaching, the only thing that is happening is squib kicks, how will it be squib kicks hit one of their guys. You need to make sure that they are ready for the ball. Let's get out of the way. They're not ready for the ball. They tried to catch it.

You must prepare for a championship game. They don't have to do that. You have to do that. You will do it.


Millville won the game, along with the title of the game. Allen was crowned queen, and senior Tanyha Smith was the queen.

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