Concord-Carlisle fires on every cylinder in win over Lexington

Concord-Carlisle fires on every cylinder in win over Lexington ...

The sound of muskets firing before kickoff was one final reminder of their significance, finally renewing their Thanksgiving Day tradition.

The series with more than 100 years of history resumed its rightful place in the calendar on October 30th, for the first time since 1972.

The Patriots used a wide 21-point second quarter to gain a third consecutive winning season in 35-6 win over Lexington on Memorial Field, at the 99th meeting between the programs.

Concord-Carlisle made the all-time series to 50-42-7. The first meeting between the schools began in 1893, with the first on Thanksgiving 1924, and Lexington finished 3-7.

Coach Josh Reed said they have a great program. Those seniors should get away to make their season end on an amazing victory. That was the perfect end to their season.

Tampere was the only player that died from a short-off attempt for a third-quarter touchdown run. Hays jumped the lead to 28-0 in February and was the first to play for the first time this season on Thursday as well.

It felt like home to come back out here and play with my brothers and then find my place in the end zone.

Lowers like that are hard to work as well as things like the work he did to complete his senior year, Reed said. Not one is more difficult than him on and off the field.

Both Shane Wilson and Reed have experienced the rivalry first taste of the rivalry, but both have experienced it before. Both were assistants at Concord-Carlisle before taking their respective posts.

Our big thing was focusing on the execution of every play, and that was our mantra, Reed said. We didn't want to be overly consumed with the entire game.

After two plays later, the Patriots crossed the cross with seven eaves at the line for a 70-yard touchdown, with 22 seconds remaining. Jennings scored a pass for a touchdown for the Patriots, but a pass by Jennings and Newcomb claimed victory with a 14-0 win for the Patriots.

John Kielar and Ahmad Hanberry exchanged touchdowns for Concord-Carlisles four-quartered jammed.

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