Australia steps up its efforts to boost gas supply

Australia steps up its efforts to boost gas supply ...

Australia agreed to start investments in new gas pipelines to beef up gas supplies by 2050, despite government pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The conservative government supports a recovery from the global recession and advocated for cheap gas as an economic fuel. The conservative government considers cheap gas vital for sustainable production, manufacturing and high power supplies.

"Let's unlock basins and bring gas to the place where it needs to be," says the minister. Industry, Energy and Emissions are now being restricted to manufacturing industries.

In May of 2050 no new oil and gas fields should be developed by the most cost effective way, push forward to develop new gas basins.

"The government throwing support and the public money over these dirty gas projects will just strengthen community opposition," said Shani Trager, a campaigner for

The government said its modeling showed that at least one new gas basin was expected to be unlocked by 2030, to meet domestic demand and export demand for gas from Australia's east coast.

He said that gas would be needed from the proposed Narrabri project from 2026 undertaken by Santos Ltd. in New South Wales, from the undeveloped Beetaloo basin into the Northern Territory from 2025 and from one or two basins in Queensland from 2028.

It said the plan insisted that a new plan for these developments will require 5 new pipelines and an expansion of existing pipelines.

The government is now seeking public interest by government to build the pipelines, which it said would support.

The water reservoir, a gas storage, and a new gas import terminal didn't exactly say how much a spending would involve beyond 263 million dollars ($188 million), but it has already pledged to open the Beetaloo basin, to the gas storage and to a new gas import terminal.

1 = 1,3888 Australian dollars)

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