The Celtics will be in a state with the same name

The Celtics will be in a state with the same name ...

Here's a few thoughts about the Celtics' situation.

As a tense season as a man, he plays a tough job as a man of all the seasons.

He's averaging 8.4 rebounds, the highest mark of 2013-14, and a career-high 1.8 blocks, but plays just 29.1 minutes per game. Celtics are third-best on the team with Horford on the court, third best on the team.

A few days ago, the players who play Horford were informed to speak clear of the importance of his constant e-valued leadership.

The apparent regression of the two-years' player Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith should concern the Celtics. Pritchard enjoyed a huge opportunity in the first half of the rookie season and also showed significant success with the high speed of play and defense.

The two players had good summer league showings and appeared ready to consolidate the momentum. Their chances have been scarce on deep rosters and just haven't been successful enough to fulfill the opportunity.

The Celtics averaged 17,8 points per 100 possessions with Pritchard on the floor and 23,3 when Nesmith plays. The sample size is small, but those are ghastly numbers.

They shooting statistics are similarly cringe-worthy: Nesmith made 29,8 percent, and 20 percent of his 3-pointers; Pritchard connected on 2,7 and 25 percent respectively.

The Celtics' biggest weakness is their shooting, and these are two players capable enough to improve that area.

It was weird not seeing former basketball operations president Danny Ainge sitting along the baseline, celebrating big dunks and scathing about bad calls. First-year president of basketball operations Brad Stevens prefers to take the games at private location within the arena, where distractions are minimal, camera isnt always lurking.

I'm pointing out that Stevens has no idea what the next time you need to upgrade the roster, as soon as the future of the executive is approaching.

Two of the hottest incidents were the Celtics, who rank 25th in 3-point shooting, and that does seem the most pressing need. In one hand, Jayson Tatum, Horford and Marcus Smart had unusually cold starts from beyond the arc. They should improve with a larger sample of their numbers.

I hope that this team doesn't have a real sniper other than Tatum, but it's also true that this team doesn't have a real sniper other than this, so it's obvious that some more reliable shooting would give defenses tougher decisions when trying to protect Tatum and Brown.

Sam Hauser a two-way-contract player Sam Hauser has 46.4 percent of his 3-pointers for the Maine Celtics, for what it's worth.

Despite the fact that despite this team still six tries from championship contention, Stevens would certainly make a significant short-term move that dents future opportunities.

The health of center Robert Williams might become a major story line. He has dealt with recurring left knee pain and the Celtics are collaborating to manage this problem, but the impact is obvious.

His 99.9 defensive rating leads the NBA.

It's time for the upcoming months that Williams is averaging 33,2 minutes per game, and a coach, earlier than this season, never had to play more than 18.9. Look for the coaching staff in Udoka's position towards the big man and get to the tight of the big man.

Didn't you think Tatum would be an All-Star, would he choose the team today? It wasnt quite clear.

His 25.2 points and 8.4 rebounds per game were also a lock for him, and he has made the team two years in a row, and is in the position where, with no injury, he's a small player who essentially have annual tickets punched.

Even though he has recent improved, his career-low shooting percentage of 460,6 is the lowest of the NBAs top 20 scorers. The Celtics are also in the west half of the east.

The guess is, Tatum finally gets in, but at the moment it hasn't been at all lockable.

Aldridge and Udoka have been extremely close together in the game on Wednesday. They played together for a season in Portland, Udoka was an assistant in San Antonio when Aldridge played there, and last year both were with the Nets.

I was told by Udoka and Aldridge that while the Nets were considering acquiring a championship, it was said that Aldridge was eager for the prospect of adding to the Celtics. Even with a recent announcement that he was temporarily absent last April because of his heart condition, it seems to me that he was just starting to retire. But since he left last year, it was clear that Aldridge is not looking for a championship, and yet he has no intention of going to the Celtics

The Celtics have had a relatively easy schedule, and they are 10-9) at this point last year they were 11-8, which turned into one of the more forgettable seasons in recent memory.

The Eastern Conference is a logjam. The Celtics are three-way tie for eighth, but only two games out of the No. 2 spot.

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