The Tokyo core market price of consumers rises fastest in more than a year

The Tokyo core market price of consumers rises fastest in more than a year ...

Thursday, Monday - Since the global warming was hitting the most rapid rate, Japan's core consumer prices rose dramatically in over the course of over a year, data show on Friday. The prices for electricity and fuel soaring due to the increasing global energy prices and the overnight-stay costs soaring.

The uptick in price is likely to see the effects of growing market pressure that in the coming months will show the national economy becoming faster, with demand being reduced from raw materials to consumers.

In November, the global consumer price index (CPI) for Japan's capital, which includes oil and excludes fresh food prices, rose 0.3%, as said by the government in the November compared to year earlier.

The index rose 0.4% last year, but was slightly weaker than the median market forecast for a 0.4% gain.

The Tokyo index was pushed by the largest year-on-year surge in energy prices in over eight years, and the fastest rise in fuel costs in over four decades.

The government's last year's travel policy also dropped out of the 57,6% year-on-year hike in accommodation costs, which was flattered by the high base effects of a wide range of travel-related discounts.

The cost of fish and fish, a government official said, was much higher, due to fuel costs and strong domestic demand, a government official said. Despite the fact that they are not included in the consumer price index, the cost of that tuna grew further, the cost of fresh fish also increased, in fact, the cost of such fish rose, partly to the high fuel costs and the higher domestic demand, said a government official.

Nationwide consumer inflation in Japan has barely risen even though other major economies have worrying about the risk of too high inflation after a collapse of pandemic-induced lockdowns in Japan.

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