Mark Osorio delivers for team and coach for the Boston English rout of its rival Latino for Thanksgiving rivals

Mark Osorio delivers for team and coach for the Boston English rout of its rival Latino for Thanksgi ...

In seven seasons coaching and playing against Boston Latin, Ryan Conway had never departed the field with a win until Tuesdays Thanksgiving showdown at Harvard Stadium.

In his first opportunity to go to the Wolfpack to face the Wolfpack, Mark Osorio scored seven of 14 passes for 171 yards and 3 touchdowns to lead a 66-42 victory over Latin. 53 of the 56 meetings between the two teams had won 52 of the previous 56 meetings.

Osorio knew what to expect with his coach to win in the final game against the Wolfpack (3-7).

Despite having barely got a smile on her face, I know when you leave the stadium, he will be excited, texting us about everything, about everybody else talking about us.

The students were very excited, one of them even shed tears.

The oldest ongoing public high school football rivalry in the United States is the highest-scoring contest in the 134-year series. During which, 108 combined points were scored, the 108 total scores of the combined score was made against the high-scoring contest marked the highest-scoring contest in the country's history.

After the final score, the game started as a defensive battle, with the first quarter ending in a stalemate of 2-0.

93 rushing yards and a touchdown left the player for a wide sand, while the top thirty played a hog with the head. The result was a 25-point lead at the second quarter based on a passing from junior Malikai McClure.

The Wolfpack who were led by senior receiver Greg Rosenkranz (4 TD catches) rushed twice in the second half to save the game.

With a pass from the third half, Kerr showed his arm strength. Then again, a late TD from the moment the match finished. Gethers punctuated the win with a rushing TD as time expired.

"I always say about them, you need to coach them hard and kick them in the butt when they need to be kicked in the butt and hug them when they need to be hugged," Conway said. "We were kicking a lot of butt this week."

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