The industry in Toronto grew as technology moved up for third day as technology rallied

The industry in Toronto grew as technology moved up for third day as technology rallied ...

The index rose from a heavily weighted financial and technological stocks on Thursday to a broad-based gain.

The Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index achieved an average of 64,75 points, or 0.3% at 21,613.18, adding to earnings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the year five of July as the markets closed for Thanksgiving, the trading volume was the lightest since July 5.

Economic growth has continued. We don't see the recession at this point.

Statistics Canada showed Canada's payroll employment increased by 91,100 in September, the fourth consecutive month.

The benchmark Canadian equity index, which scaled record highs this month, ran out of steam last week, was hurt by weaker commodities and the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Europe threatening to slow global economic recovery.

As of last year, the index has rallied 24 %, almost matching gains in the S&P 500.

Those investors who missed out on a big rally, want to look up window-dressing," Michael said, adding that the practice is practiced as a tool for obtaining results for a stock market, such as year end.

The Toronto market's value comes from the acquisition of finance and technology together. 9 of the 11 major sectors on the TSX were higher on Thursday, with the gain of 0.7% for technology and a 0.4% advance for financials. Together, financials and technology make about 66% of the market's value.

The oil market tumbled despite the recent price drops on the market. The biggest industry investors monitored what the government had to respond with a U.S.-led emergency oil release that could cool the market.

The materials group lost a share of two companies, namely precious and base metal mining and fertilizer producers.

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