Pope promises to help the moribund Lebanon rise again

Pope promises to help the moribund Lebanon rise again ...

- Francis, after a meeting on Thursday with the Prime Minister of Lebanon on Friday, compared the country to a dying person - and promised to do whatever he can to help it "rerise again".

Francis and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who took office in September after a year-long government vacuum, spoke to the Vatican about the country's economic and social crisis for about two minutes, the Vatican said.

The collapse of the country's economy in 2019 has left thousands in poverty and foreign banks demand an audit before they release money.

One report says that more than half of families in Lebanon have at least one child who skipped a meal amid a dramatic deteriorating living conditions.

After the private meeting, Francis presented an extended delegation of Lebanona's political elite with a message of and a promise worth fighting for.

Jesus referred to the Gospel story of Jairus when Jesus raised up his daughter's 12-year-old son, who he believed was dead. He then told the parents that he was sleeping and the girl rose up when Jesus commanded.

The pope said that the country faced "very difficult, ugly period" in its history. "I pray that the Lord will take Lebanon by the hand, and say 'arise'," the pope said.

"I assure you of my prayers, my closeness and promise of working diplomatically with countries so they unite together to help Lebanon rise again," he said.

The seemingly endless disaster has led many Lebanese to emigrate, caused poverty to skyrocket and put many people in the ill in place.

After year of political conflict over the cabinet seat, Mikati's government finally got formed after years of political conflict exacerbated the crisis.

On the anniversary of the huge chemical explosion in Beirut, who killed 200 people and caused huge losses in the cargo that would cost billions of dollars, Francis promised to visit Lebanon as soon as possible.

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