Weequahic overpowers Shabazz and leaves food to think about future Soul Bowls

Weequahic overpowers Shabazz and leaves food to think about future Soul Bowls ...

Rashawn Marshall and some of his classmates played a huge role for Weequahic on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, while also being sure to submit their advance orders for the same thing to Soul Bowls to come.

In the revival of the Soul Bowl at Untermann Field, weequahic triumphed 29-0 with sophomores, including Emmanuel Asante and Zakai Armstrong, and freshman Ibrahim Sisse. In the same manner, as the two reverbs fought the Golden State Warriors for the next 27 years in Newark.

  • 11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal
11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal
11/25 - 10:30 AM FootballFinal

The youngsters screamed by a guard, and their defense, led to the closure of their fourth season in the series, the stateman has now put up a special strategy for Weequahic to its fourth shutout this season.

6-3, 275-yard Augustin has been pursuing this process regularly for three seasons.

The under-recruited Augustin followed a fierce defensive front along with Sanyaolu with five tackles for losses and a sack. Augustin and Sanyaolu were also the push for Marshall and Asante, and the support for senior QB Zakir Martin along with fellow offensive linemen Macnosa Omosalami, Ueriel Saldana and Jaylin Freeman.

I know I couldn't do that without my line. I don't be here, right now, Marshall said.

Marshall, who is still a sophomore with numerous leadership opportunities left for the opposition, is the one who duped or dragged many of the too many Shabazz players to accept his point.

"That's my heart back there," Sanyaolu said of Marshall and Asante. "I just said to them, "Man, I got your backs." I just opened the hole and you've just got to hit it.

Sanyaolu, like Augustin, had a fairly nice job of clogging holes, rang up three sacks and then had two other tackles for losses. Though it is extremely lethal when Augustin is double-teamed, and it happens regularly.

Asante scored for a 5-yard run, while we came back from an area for the last four rounds, and weequahic (7-5) came to the second straight shilless victory versus South Ward. 36-31-6, Shabazz leads this overall series with its south-tieth neighbour in 2009.

The Soul Bowl was interrupted last year about a week before the game due to the rising COVID-19 cases in the Brick City. If the opportunity to play before the games began afresh, the rest of weequahics offensive defense benefited from the increased speed of 153 yards, then the last of those two games was the only of many other runners.

In addition to our ability to play last year, it is so amazing that it was like a bang to go out with a bang. Lets say there are some craziness of the game I have a big idea he will make the Indians even better. He was named MVP of the Indians.

As for this year, it seemed like a good year. That is very good despite having to have, Sanyaolu said.

It made it all the same for the defense that it was the ability to preserve the shutout in the closing minutes against a determined Shabazz club.

The Bulldogs (3-7) walked straight for eight minutes, but failed to cross the Weequahic line with just two:50 left in the game.

Weequahic penalty sent the bulldogs back to the 16 and then a weequahic penalty brought the bulldogs back to the 8th. Shabazz threw two straight incomplete passes against both a heavy rush and solid coverage, then QB Miles McEachin was stopped after two yards by Asante and was at the Six-and-Goal 6 with 1:16 remaining.

In spite of that, you can't win the game walking, Sanyaolu said. As your coach says, you should be quick and physically.

The bulldog defense was led by Jahsir Tradwell, Elijah Cohen, Samar White, Judah Pruitt, and Dupre Cromer.

After releasing the second possession and slugging into the second half, Weequzhic finally hit the ball with a second ball. Smith-Marsette ran for eight yards, and Marshall had a hit with the second half half.

The following possession had achieved a 4:13 lead with 12:13 left. Martin hit Marshall with a 10-yard pass to the five, and then Asante dragged away in the middle and into the end zone.

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