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Your MacBook trackpad is set up correctly. Change this setting to fix it on your new MacBook

Your MacBook trackpad is set up correctly. Change this setting to fix it on your new MacBook

When Apple and the Apple's are a big leap, which gives creative professionals the power they need for graphics and processing-intensive tasks. Those with Apple are the, great for students and adults alike, but the one choice on modern Macs drives me absolutely crazy.

If you have a new MacBook, an old one, or if you wish to have some a few more useful ones, please see below the Windows preferences menu. It's easy to make these machines a lot more useful to me.

It's hard to get any and all the changes. There are many reasons why people like these MacBooks have ceased to have their touchpads, but they've also made it look like you clicked down.

Turn this on, even if you don't always use it.

Windows laptops have long been setup for tap-to-click. This means a simple tap of your finger acts the same way as a left-click (and an ancient touchpad) button. A two-finger tap is the equivalent of a right-click button.

In the past, if you have a strong mind and have no intention of becoming a tapper, it's fine. And instead of the tap option, since it's easy to work, it focuses on everything a lot of time.

The supersecret hidden tap-and-drag settings menu.

As a bonus, while we're doing this we'll turn on Expose, very useful multifinger gesture, and tap-and-drag, a much simpler way of moving things like folders around the screen.

Fix Apple's default default touchpad settings: 0 Fix: 0 Fix: 0 Fix: 3 Fix: 0 Fix: 3:0 Fix: 0 Fix: 0 Fix the keypad in the Apple computer.

  • System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click > Check the checkbox for Tap to click (which is unchecked by default).
  • System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures > Check the checkbox for App Expose (fifth checkbox from the top).
  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Trackpad Options > Check the checkbox for Enable dragging (without drag lock).

This is where your MacBook is now set up in a logical manner.

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