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A high-profile player of the League of Legends has joined China's Communist Party

A high-profile player of the League of Legends has joined China's Communist Party

An arena of national pride led to the decision that the Chinese esports team Edward Gaming won the 2021 League of Legends world championship earlier this month. The controversy took on the whole country.

In the photo of a party party held on the 23.06 of Huacao, and on the 23.07, Ming is seen holding his fist up to his head with the party's flag, but was crowned by the party's developers.

Having kindly joined the party in the application to become a member, Ming said that he was in Wuhan when, after a pandemic, the doctors were always on the front line; he decided to add a member of the party with him. He was in the process of granting the help of the other side of the country and stating that, that would he be happy with the response he would receive, but the nagging status not to the bandwagon was a surprise.

The city of Huacao, Shanghai shared the news on its Weibo account, saying it expects Ming to continue writing heroic chapters on his own by bringing red energy to the industry, and attract young players and young people alike. He could pass on the outstanding personal achievements of the party members into the industry, and give a hand to the diverse youth and all ages, wrote the government.

According to the South China Morning Post, most of those who have joined have over 95 million members since last year, a number of entrepreneurs said today. Some applicants should pursue their success for those who made extraordinary contributions to the country.

A lack of enthusiasm and confidence resentments of the social and economic world, the Party must also develop their voice in terms of the economy, such as for elaborating a strategy aims to the long-term, of a generation by society. Moreover, in order to maintain its vision, the private sphere is becoming increasingly important in the Party.

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