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OGE Released Data On The Income Of Donald Trump For 2019

OGE Released Data On The Income Of Donald Trump For 2019

The United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE), on Friday evening, published an annual financial statement, which reflects data on the income of President Donald Trump for 2019.

According to the 78-page document, last year, the head of state, among other things, earned $21.4 million thanks to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. In the Declaration for 2018, the income from this complex was higher - almost $22.7 million. The profit from the hotel in Washington compared to 2018 decreased by 300 thousand and amounted to $40.5 million. In turn, the trump national Doral Miami resort in 2019 brought Trump $77.2 million - $1.3 million more than in the previous year. Revenue from a Golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, also rose, from $15.7 million to $17.7 million.

As calculated by Bloomberg, in general, the income of the head of the White House in 2019 amounted to at least $446 million. The publication notes that the financial statement should have been published earlier, but due to the pandemic, the publication date has been moved.

Even before the inauguration, Trump announced that he had left all his positions in the Trump Organization, which he owned, to transfer them to the management of his sons Donald and Eric. At the same time, Trump did not get rid of his companies, as this, according to lawyers, would mean selling them for a song to the detriment of the interests of the rest of the family.

During the 2016 election race and before it, Trump claimed that his fortune exceeds $10 billion. Experts have repeatedly expressed doubts about this, believing that the total value of its assets is much less.

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