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Facebook Gets The Rights To Show Music Videos In The US

Facebook Gets The Rights To Show Music Videos In The US

The American Corporation Facebook has signed agreements with several record companies, which gives it the right to publish licensed music videos on the social network, according to a statement published on the official Facebook site.

Corresponding agreements have been reached with Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, Merlin, BMG, Kobalt, and others. That allows you to start posting licensed music videos on the social network in the next few days for viewing by users in the United States.

Facebook noted that the premiere of videos of several popular artists would take place in the social network.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that the company would soon conclude these agreements. It noted that Facebook already has the right to play audio recordings, but permission to display video clips in the social network has not yet been granted.

As industry media have stated, the ability to display clips on Facebook will help it compete with the Google-owned YouTube portal.

Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and three of his fellow students during their studies at Harvard University. According to the company's specialists, more than 2.7 billion people in the world use one of its services at least once a month. Facebook and Instagram social networks, as well as WhatsApp and Messenger apps, are included in this list.

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